Sunday, June 14, 2009

A great start to summer!

Let the summer fun begin!! This is definitely my favorite time of year. Boating, playing at the park, strawberry picking, laughing, staying up late, I love it all!

Wow, a lot has happened in 4 weeks!

First off, I now have a 2 year old!! Bryce is so much fun. He is very independent and wants to do everything the big kids do. (except go pee on the potty, but I am not too worried about that yet!) He is not as clingy as he was, so I enjoy listening to him play by himself. He loves the marble run toy and doing puzzles. He knows all his letters and loves pointing them out wherever we go. His favorite books are letter books. His talking is still hard to discern, but he will scream and say no until you figure out what he is saying! He runs around in circles and loves to dance to music. He has great giggles and loves to chase with Jeff. He is a joy to have in our house and I am so grateful for my little "surprise." His smile reminds me of my dad, and that is a special blessing. On his actual birthday, I was in charge of Dallin's school fun run, so Sarah was kind enough to watch him for the day. She took him to library time, to the park and made his day very special! We also went to Red Robin as a family. Bryce did not like the bird! We decided to celebrate his birthday when my mom was in town. We had a little birthday party at the park.

Speaking of my mom, we got to have her here for a week!!! Woo hoo!! While she was here, we went on the boat, went to the beach, and I ran a marathon. It was a busy week, but there was also time for a little relaxing, believe it or not. I love the relationship my mom has with my kids. She is a great grandma and is especially close to Emily. They have been counting down the days until she came. I love you, Mom!

We also were joined at the beach by our good friends, the McDuffies and the Giles! We all had so much fun!

It was not my best race, but I loved having my mom there to cheer me on. I also enjoyed being with these women. It sure helps to have people to train with. (Or virtually train with!)When we got back there was one more week of school. Dallin will be in second grade, I can't believe it. He had a great year and learned a lot from his teacher, Mrs. Jin. She called him her right hand man. He helped correct spelling tests and rechecked her work before she photocopied it. :-) He is very responsible and loved having the teacher rely on him. I saw him grow so much this year.

Emily is my imaginitive, sweet little girl. She gives me kisses and hugs for no reason and is so thoughtful. She loves bugs and tries to take care of them in her bug kit. We don't have a great track record so far but we will keep working on it.

This summer, we are just going to have fun and learn! I don't have anything really scheduled outside of the house. I have a summer schedule for getting chores done and limiting computer time and that is it! I love it!! We have been strawberry picking, on the boat, and just having a great time together. I feel like I am in a good place right now and just enjoying this stage of my life. If you have any fun craft ideas for the summer, let me know. Emily wants lots of projects! (Also, if you have ideas for what to do with them after they're done, that would be great too!)