Thursday, December 21, 2017

2017- A year of Change

It is time to update my blog! I have a blog book from 2007-2011 and now I want to have a blog book from 2012-2017. So, I have some work to do! Since I am sending out Christmas cards again, it is a good time. :-)

2017 started out with some fun time with friends.

Then for Jeff's birthday, we met up with the Schaffers for a getaway that included skiing and swimming. 

Sherwood had a very crazy winter with the most snow I had seen in our 16 years of living there! School was canceled the days before Christmas break and Emily even had to audition for the community play by video! They learned their lines over Christmas break and only had a few rehearsals before they performed. It was an amazing process to watch it all come together. I love watching Emily shine on stage.

 Caden started nursery with his buddies!
 We got the most snow I have ever seen in 16 years in Sherwood. They had a bunch of snow days. Church was even canceled! The kids loved it at first but then got over it. I felt pretty cooped up. I was ready for it to be gone even though it was pretty.

 Our fun neighbors had a hot chocolate party. 

 Caden and Bryce read to the dogs at the library. 

 I did love running in the snow with Ambush though!
 I went with Bryce on a field trip to OMSI. 

Our first camping trip with just our family. We needed some time away from screens and life so we escaped to the Wallowa Mountains also known in Oregon as Little Switzerland. We were supposed to stay 4 days and watch fireworks on 4th of July, but Caden was not the best tent mate and the kids wanted to be in Sherwood for the 4th. We had a great time though.

 We loved being able to have all the kids biking around the campground.

 We got back to Sherwood junst in time for the festivities.