Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just to hold you over...! I will update soon, I promise. Since I am a little behind, here are some of the pics from our trip to Mexico. We had a fabulous time! We went with our friends and their kids, but we did not bring our kids. Sarah returned the favor from April when I watched her kids for a week, and watched our kids and we enjoyed every minute. We did a lot of crazy things like parasailing, rappelling down waterfalls, and riding zip lines. We also just enjoyed reading at the beach and spending time together. I was sad for it to end, but rejuvenated and ready to be a mom. :-)

Since we got back, we have been finding our school groove again. Dallin is figuring out how to fit in homework with soccer and piano practice, and I am learning how to balance time with the two younger kids. I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying being at home. I am glad that Emily missed the cutoff :-) and I was able to have one more year with her.

More details to come... (including Emily's birthday!)