Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Biggest Loser Update

Alright, here goes!

1. Running- I got in 4 days last week- woo hoo! First time since Sarah moved that I have actually run 4 days. :-( I was very happy. I still don't feel great when I run, but I know it will get better. I missed my run this Monday though, so I need to get back on track. Had a fantastic run this morning!
2. Basic Weight lifting- stinky! I did this on Wednesday while watching Biggest Loser with Jeff, but then not the rest of the week.
3. Sugar- I did well for the most part with this one. On Sunday made treats with my family and ate too many, but got right back on track Monday.
4. Veggies- Had more salads, but can do even better!

Weight Loss Update- Drum roll.... down 2.7 pounds!!!

How did everyone else do this week?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Biggest Loser Challenge

Taking a break from normal family coverage to give you this challenge! I have been very frustrated with my eating and exercise habits lately. I am a person who requires exercise and strict eating just to maintain weight, let alone lose weight. When I don't pay attention, my weight will steadily climb. I have not been able to get back in gear since around April. Jeff and I were doing P90X and started seeing some results, but my cardio suffered. So, I am back to running and trying to focus on healthy eating. I usually need a race to train for to keep me motivated. It has been hard for me to pick a race because...

we are trying to have a baby! Some of you already know that, but for those of you that don't I guess I am putting it out there. Quick recap of my "infertility"-
Dallin- tried for a year on our own and then it took 2 months of clomid.
Emily- went straight to clomid and after 6 months of no luck, switched to injectible drugs and it took 3 months after that.
Bryce- Came without any medical intervention!! :-)

So, we have been "trying" since last November. Mentally, I can't pick a race to train for because I am not able to run through pregnancy (if I were to get pregnant.) So, I have just been watching my weight steadily climb. I have still been running, but I just feel heavy when I run. I am about 15 lbs over my comfortable weight. (not my skinniest weight!) So, I need a new goal.

Here it is!! The Biggest Loser season just started! I am going to focus on eating healthy and exercising right along with them! :-) So, on December 13th (the season finale) I will either be announcing my pregnancy or my healthy weight loss success!!! (So, no asking before then. I promise I am not pregnant right now. I actually took a pregnancy test this morning. :-(

Who is with me?!!!

My goals:

1. Run at least 3 days a week for enjoyment.
2. Basic weight lifting 3 days a week. (at least my 4 faves- pushup, plank, squats, lunges)
3. Cut out sugar.
4. Lots of Veggies!!

I will report on a different blog. Let me know if anyone is interested in doing this with me!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am not really sure where to start! This summer has been crazy and fast, but very enjoyable! Sarah's brother took this picture of our family on the property, and little did we know it would be the last picture we took. When we moved into our country home, I knew it was an experiment. I wanted to see what it was like to live on acreage. I fell in love with the property when my good friend Ranell lived there and spent many summer days enjoying the view from her deck and the company! When the chance came to live there, it was a no brainer for me. I credit that house and the quiet with the accomplishment of my personal trainer certification. I loved the time away from the city and time to hang out with Sarah before she moved. My kids enjoyed the property, as did I, but we noticed that we did not get many visitors! In the winter and fall, it is pretty muddy. I was eagerly waiting for the summer, when we would have people over to enjoy the beautiful deck and peacefulness of the country life. What I found was, we were gone during most of that time! Between visiting family in California and Utah and going to Girls Camp, there were not many weeks left to just enjoy the property. My garden didn't even really grow because I wasn't there to take care of it. The last straw was that we lost 6 of our 7 chickens and realized maybe we aren't meant to be chicken farmers. So, when we found out a house was a available that had a good sized yard, with a fantastic floor plan and on a dead end street that backs to acerage, we decided it would be a better fit for our family. So, we said goodbye to the country life for now. I hope the new renters will still let me come visit with them on their beautiful deck! We were grateful for the chance to meet new friends in a different ward. Meanwhile, my kids are thrilled to be able to ride their bikes in the neighborhood. School has started and we are finding our new normal.

That's it for now. I will post more pictures from the summer soon.