Saturday, September 12, 2009

Loving Fridays off already!

Here is Dallin's first day as a second grader. It really does go by too quickly. Summer, that is, oh and their childhood!

After 2 days back in school, I was already excited to have Friday off. One of my favorite things about the Charter School was their 4 day week. The kids go an hour longer during the week, but it is worth it to sleep in on Friday and just chill out. Today was spent finishing last minute packing for our Puerto Vallarta trip- woo hoo!! and then I took the kids swimming. I just love being in the water with them. They all enjoy it so much. We actually had the pool to ourselves today and the lifeguard let us stay 30 minutes longer. I loved it!

So, Jeff and I are headed to Puerto Vallarta for a week. Sarah is taking on the awesome duty of watching my 3 lovely children. I wish her luck and I am ready to go. We are up late because we planned our 3 excursions. I will tell you all about them when I get back.

Thanks to all of you for reading. I look forward to blogging again, but it will be good to feel safe among friends!