Sunday, April 04, 2010

Going Unplugged

I love reading blogs to see how my friends are doing and to feel connected to other adults. :-) However, sometimes it turns into blog hopping which ends up being unproductive and jealousy-inducing. (Jealousy of others' gifts and talents)

So, for now I am going back to posting on Sundays as a way of keeping in touch. Please keep reading and I will keep reading yours. (Just not as often!) I am also going off Facebook, except when I get messages.

We had a wonderful Easter with good friends. We continued an Easter brunch tradition that started 8 years ago, and had an Easter dinner that was fabulous! We feel so blessed to have such good friends. Big holidays always make me miss my family.

I don't have pics from today. (My camera is in the car. I am feeling lazy...but there are some cute ones, I promise!

Here are a few pics from Easter Egg hunt #1 last week. (There ended up being 5 altogether! That is another story for next week!) We rode our bikes to the Easter Egg Hunt. (Jeff stayed home to work on the house.) It was a benefit for a girl's family in Dallin's class whose father has brain cancer. They are such a sweet family and it is a cause that is close to heart. There was a fantastic turnout and the kids had a lot of fun. Bryce figured out the hunt right away and it was great watching him as if he were on a mission!

See ya next week!