Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Taking to the skies

Jeff has always talked about wanting to get his pilot's license. It is a dream of my little sister, Shelly, also. I have no desire to fly a plane (I don't even like the responsibility of driving a car!), but I think it's great that Jeff wants to.

For his birthday, I surprised him with an introductory flight and instruction. At first, I was just planning on him going, but they said there was room for me in the 4 seater plane so I decided to join him!

It was so much fun!! I will admit I was very nervous. The weather didn't look too great, but once we were up in the plane it was gorgeous! What an amazing experience! Jeff was able to fly for the takeoff and once we were in the air he learned how to do some crazy turns. I think he really enjoyed it. Yep, I was the cool wife for the day!

It was a great date and birthday for Jeff. We followed the flight with shopping for new clothes for Jeff. I hope he knows how loved he is!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Potty Training- Heaven Help Me!

So, if you have read my blog for a while, you should know that I am not the most talented potty trainer. I have no desire to train Bryce yet, mostly because Emily (at 5) is still hit or miss every once in a while.

That being said, last night Bryce started screaming that he wanted to wear underwear. I have NEVER had that happen. So, I am jumping on it. I wanted a place to keep track of his successes and accidents, and I just knew the universe would want to be update on every exciting detail, so here we go!!
Friday night- Watches Go Potty Go, reads potty books, wants to wear underwear!

8:45am- Bryce wakes up, almost dry and I take off his diaper. He starts going pee immediately so I place him on his potty seat on the big potty. He gets an M&M- woo hoo! Off to a successful start. We set the timer for 20 minutes and turn on Go Potty Go.

8:57am- I see Bryce standing up and he is saying his pants are wet. Sure, enough, he had peed. I calmly wisk him into the bathroom and tell him it was an accident and we talk about it. (I have no idea what I am doing!)

9am- Bryce eats his breakfast, drinks milk and water.

9:20am- Bryce sits on the potty. We read 5 potty books, sing songs. It is about 15 minutes and he is done. Done at 9:35.

9:40- Yep, 5 minutes later, he has an accident. So, I calmly talk to him and tell him that Thomas wants Bryce to keep him dry.

9:50- Set the timer for 20 minutes.

10:10am-Sit on the potty. Read Curious George. No pee pee. :-)

10:20am-Set timer for 20 minutes. Bryce is watching Thomas.

10:34- Accident on the floor. Almost made it. Still trying to be calm. Changed underwear.
10:40- Set timer for 20 minutes
10:50-ate more breakfast/lunch. :-)
11:00- Had an accident 6 seconds before the timer went off. Yep, 6 seconds.
11:05- Bryce asked for a diaper and I was THIS close to throwing the towel in and letting Jeff take all 3 kids to the gym.
11:06- Realized I didn't need to give up so quickly. I am going to make it the whole day. We can do this!
11:15-Accident #5- hoping we have better luck with poo poo. Still tempting to give up. This is why I don't make it through potty training!
11:25-Accident 6- tempted to stop. Must.be.strong!
12:15pm- Success!! Stayed dry before the timer went off. Went a little pee pee!! I told him we would go outside when he went pee pee. Now I am hoping for the poo poo!
12:30-Was playing bball and had an accident. Bummer. Came inside
12:45- Restart timer
12:55- accident while eating lunch. I think it is nap time, diaper time. I will not give up yet. He is trying to go #2.
1:30-Decided we are both ready for naps! Put a diaper on for sleeping and we will try again after nap. I am enjoying the advice I am getting!

On Saturday- Bryce pooped in his diaper and then decided he didn't want anything to do with the potty.

Jeff stayed home from stake conference to try his luck with Bryce. It even went worse than Saturday. No sign of Bryce figuring out his signals. So, we have decided it is not quite time. I am relieved. :-)

Being my youngest especially, I am not quite in a rush. Thanks for all the advice. When we decide to go full force, I will definitely be taking it.