Sunday, April 29, 2012

Screen Free Week begins tomorrow!

This is just a quick message to invite our friends and family to join us in Screen Free Week. It goes from April 30-May 6th. (It used to be called TV Turnoff Week!)

My sister and her husband and cute kids will be here all week to keep us distracted! :-) Hopefully there will be some nice weather so we can enjoy being outside. I am looking forward to it.

See you on the flip side!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter and Celebrating the Sun

I am tired, but I wanted to say Happy Easter and give a quick catchup! It has been a beautiful weekend. I have spent many hours in the sun, my favorite place to be! We had our 10th annual Easter brunch with 2 other families and it was wonderful. We opted to not have Easter presents in the baskets this year, and I actually think it worked! We had a very low stress day and the kids got along very well. We started the day with their candy and watching a movie about the life, death, and resurrection of the Savior. We then had the brunch/ easter egg hunt and went to church. Emily and Jeff sang in the choir. After church we had a dinner out of the leftover cinnamon rolls :-) and then walked over to our old neighborhood and chatted with friends. The weather couldn't have been nicer. 

 Spring break was a lot of fun. My sister Crystal came to visit and we went to see my aunt and cousin in Seattle. We LOVE having Aunt Crystal around and the weather was not too bad.  A little cold, but not too rainy.
After Crystal left, we just chilled out at home for 2 days (catch up on laundry!) and then realized we needed to get out. We went to the Rock Museum and it was a great outing. I liked the fossil room the best.  We met up with the Williamson's at OMSI (thanks for the passes, Ranell) and the kids played legos for 2 hours. There was an amazing lego display and the floor was covered with legos for them to build with.

 I then left my kids with Ranell for 2 days and Jeff and I snuck away to Mt. Hood. We stayed in a cute bed and breakfast and spent the day skiing. We thought it was going to be rainy, but the weather and ski conditions were perfect. We had a great time together, watched Hunger Games, explored the beautiful Hood River, and just relaxed. It was a much needed getaway!

Friends came over to dye eggs and the kids also got out on the trampoline! I am loving our backyard and neighborhood! I am hoping to get my garden going tomorrow. We will see...

I always say I am a better winter mom than summer mom, and I am enjoying seeing the sun come peeking out! I hope it is here to stay!