Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A tribute to my favorite 4 year old

Wow! I just love my little boy, Dallin, so much. Yesterday, Emily was really sick, and I was not feeling so great myself, so we just laid on the couch. Dallin was a great little helper and did not complain once. When I asked him to get the thermometer, he said, "Yes, my loving mama!" It gave me a needed laugh. ( I think my scholarship boy can give your scholarship boy a run for his money, Suzie!) Then, I sent Jeff and Dallin to our weekly Family Home Evening with friends. Here was one of Dallin's outloud conversations with himself while he and his buddy were working on a puzzle.
"170 pieces- woah! I can't even count that high. Oh wait, yes I can. It comes after 169." Jeff was cracking up when he told me this story.

I have always enjoyed watching him learn. When he was really little, my favorite game was to teach him random things and see what he could pick up on. When he was 2, we were at Lake Powell with all of Jeff's family sleeping on a houseboat. No one could get to sleep because Dallin kept saying, "Grand-ma-Di---- three syllables." "Ha-ley---2 syllables" while clapping his hands. He has a great memory so Jeff loved teaching him new words in books without telling me. So, we would be reading a book when he would all of a sudden say, "dragonfly" or some other big word that I had no idea he knew. He has always loved letters and numbers, and I hope he continues to have that love.

He is also just a sweet boy. Sometimes this means he gets clobbered, and I hope to teach him to stand up for himself, but I love that I don't usually have to worry about him hitting, kicking or biting anyone. He is just a nice kid. I love that I feel comfortable leaving him with people and know that he won't cause too many problems.

Of course, we have our struggles. He can throw a huge fit when he is not ready to leave someone's house. Getting him to eat has always been rough. But overall, I have just enjoyed being his mom and learning from him. I hope he knows how much I love him.

Tell me what you love about your kids.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Family and Traditions

Here is a beautiful turkey that was made in my oven...

too bad I didn't get to eat it! Jeff's parents came to town this weekend and suggested that we just relax and eat at Marie Calendar's. I wasn't sure what to think, and kind of thought I was a slacker for agreeing, but it was so nice to just enjoy Thanksgiving Day, knowing that someone else was preparing our meal. My good friend and neighbor, Amy, borrowed our oven, and slipped in and out to check on her turkey. That is when I felt really guilty. But honestly, we had a great time and created new traditions. We played games, watched a movie and the best part was when we went to our local museum, OMSI.

What a fabulous time just watching the kids play. There is a really cool sand box and so many things to explore you can't possibly see it all in one day. It was so fun for Grandma and Grandpa to see Dallin and Emily in their home environment. Emily is really talking a lot and kept them laughing. Dallin just wanted to play Uno the whole time and spent hours printing up "Cars" pictures to color. I wish we were able to see them more, but we are grateful they came to spend Thanksgiving with us. (And for my own defense, I did cook a few meals while they were here.)

They left early this morning. It was a beautiful day in Oregon and we decided to take advantage of it. (If you have been reading Suzie's posts you know it has not quit raining for a while.) We trekked up the road a little ways and picked out a Christmas tree. When we moved to Oregon, we bought our first house. One of my quirky requirements was to have a window for a Christmas tree. Then I was delighted when I saw how easy it is to cut down your own tree! (In fact, I am still a little dismayed that Suzie is using her "fake" tree, but I won't mention it.) Our first Christmas here, I was eight months pregnant, but that didn't stop me from having my tree in the window. I am glad Jeff enjoys this as much as I do and the kids had a great time as well. We also put up some of the Christmas lights. I am excited for the traditions yet to come this year.

What are your favorite traditions? I am always looking to add to ours.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Stop on by and say hello

Okay, this is my post to recommit myself to posting! I love reading others' blogs and getting to know them through their words and their pictures. I never think I have enough "cool" things to say to post very often. I have decided that I am going to let go of my pride and remember I want to post often so that I can remember the cute things my kids are doing. I also want to be able to think about my blessings on the days when I don't feel things are going so well.

So, I am asking for all of your help in this. If you are a lurker, make a quick profile and just say hi! (This includes my family!!) I look forward to getting to know more people. (And okay, I will admit it, I look forward to more comments and validation.)

Here are some things I am thankful for:

1. A wonderful and supportive husband who is awesome with his kids. (Our first date was 9 years ago yesterday!)

2. 2 sweet kids who crack me up every day.

3. A pregnancy that I wasn't expecting (pardon the pun) but that is such a blessing.

4. Parents who taught me to accept and treat all people the same. They are both amazing and nonjudgmental. I hope that I picked this up from them.

5. Sisters who have stuck by me no matter what.
6. A little brother who came 9 years after the youngest girl and is such an important member of our family.
7. Knowing that I am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.
8. Kids who forgive my shortcomings quickly and often.
9. Friends who are there for me when I don't think I can do it on my own.
10. Marrying into a wonderful family who accepted me as I am. I feel so lucky that I don't have the in-law horror stories. I just wish we lived closer to family.

Okay, that is all for now. I am not going to promise I will write every day, but hopefully at least every other day. Thanks for all I have learned and keep learning from everyone.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Thank Heavens for Grandma Nise!

Okay, I just want to tell my mom how grateful I am that she spent this last week with us. I have truly been spoiled and the kids have loved every minute. I will post more pics, but I just wanted to get this up quickly so she would see it when she gets home! It has been wonderful!! I got to sleep in, have my meals cooked for me, house cleaned, and kids played with. All the while, I got rest and time to paint the new play room that I love!! It was just the jump start I needed in this pregnancy...

what's that you say? You didn't know I was pregnant? Well, a couple of people have emailed me on the sly as they have deduced this announcement in posts I have made on other blogs. I am happy to announce we have a third child coming to our family in mid-May! I can finally say I feel a little more ready. :-) This was a huge shock because we went through fertility treatments for our other two munchkins, and felt that two kids were great for us. Jeff loved to say when we were asked if we wanted more kids, "If the Lord wants us to have more kids, it will be in the normal way." Never did either of us actually believe this would happen. So, here's to you, Jeff! The timing was a little crazy because Jeff just had ankle surgery and was on crutches for a month, and I had just decided to overhaul my house to create a pantry and playroom, replacing the office with an armoire. (A whole new post on its own, coming soon...)

So, we had an awesome week with grandma! I did give her a break a little :-), but she loved cuddling with Emily in the mornings and we went to visit her sister, my Aunt Brenda this weekend. The drive there was not great, but overall a wonderful time. All I can say is thank you, thank you thank you. There is just times when all a girl needs is her mom. I love you, Mom! She was an answer to many prayers. (And Jeff, thanks for the lovely clean carpets. You rock!!)

Friday, November 03, 2006

Happy Halloween!

I know you are all tired of looking at my "cans" so I thought I would put up my cute kids instead. We had such a fun Halloween. Our good friends came over with their darling little boy to spend Halloween with us. Dallin was on a trick-or-treating mission as he "flashed" from house to house without waiting for his mom or little sister! Emily was darling as she refused to let go of the cute Halloween pumpkins that they use for the candy. (Thanks Grandma Nise!!) She said "Happy Halloween" after every house and loved putting more than one candy in her bag. We are all sugared out, but enjoyed every minute. How was everyone else's Halloween?

I can't wait for my mom to get here tomorrow. I hope she is ready for all the painting projects I want to do, hee hee!!