Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring 2010

My main goal for this blog is to use it as my "scrapbook." Since I am not a scrapbooker (finally had to give myself permission to give up on that one!), I love knowing that somewhere I am documenting some of our adventures. Here is March in a nutshell:

I went on my first field trip with Dallin! I haven't been able to because of those 2 other children I take care of. :-) I enjoyed spending the day with Dallin and I had never been to the state capitol before.

Celebrated 2 sweet baby boys of my good friends Sarah and Molly. I will admit it is weird for Sarah to have a new baby and not me. (Alice and Bryce are 6 weeks apart!) That being said, I am coming to terms with our family being complete. So, I just love on other babies whenever I get the chance!

Here is the yard that Jeff and I have dreamed of having. The kitchen was awesome too! We would love to have a little bit of acreage to enjoy nature in our own backyard. We love our house and our neighborhood, but our backyard is not too big. We found this property and put an offer on it, but unfortunately they didn't accept our contingency. We have decided to move forward and sell our cute house, and then maybe we will find another property we love. It has been an emotional process, but I have truly enjoyed spending time thinking about what we want for our family. I love that Jeff and I are on the same page and have the same goals. What a blessing this is!

I felt very loved this year as I tried to quietly turn another year older. My kids reminded me every day that my birthday was coming up, and they decided that we should spend it at the beach. Our plan was to go whale watching and enjoy a sunny day at the beach, and it didn't quite happen like that. Our good friends and next door neighbors had told us to join them at the coast. We decided to stop by and say hello. Little did we know that the house they were staying at was on the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was a little bit of heaven for me! We hung out in the hot tub, the kids played games, we watched the BYU basketball game, and they even sent Jeff and I out to eat dinner by ourselves. It was a fantastic birthday!

We have been enjoying our spring break by staying local. We started it off by meeting up with friends at a park! There were friends from home, friends from blogging, and friends I just hadn't met in person yet. :-) I loved seeing my kids make new friends and just enjoy the beautiful weather.

We spent the rest of spring break playing, hiking, and a rainy day at JJ Jump. In the mornings, I let the kids relax and play Wii. I think it was a great staycation. There was a lot of emotional up and down, but it all made me appreciate my family and how grateful I am for my blessings.

Easter Egg Hunt pics to come! It is time for bed. Bryce has surgery to fix his broken tooth tomorrow. I really hope it all goes well.