Friday, June 25, 2010

In my thoughts and prayers

I can't stop crying and reading facebook and blogs right now. I have been trying so hard to stay off the computer, and just live life instead, but I can't stop thinking about friends and family and feel so helpless right now. Here are the things I need prayers for:

1. My sister's father in law was just diagnosed with brain cancer, the same rare cancer my dad passed away from in November of 2007. Shelly has been such a rock for them, but I am hurting for all of them, especially Paul. To be faced with your own mortality has got to be so difficult. He is keeping a blog and reading his perspective sure helps me keep mine.

2. A childhood friend passed away this last week. He was 35 with 3 small kids and he just collapsed in his living room. I am so saddened by this and wish I could go to the funeral. I can't imagine what his wife is going through. Please pray for this family.

3. A good friend of mine's little boy is in surgery right now to have a tumor on his brain removed. He is 5 years old and a sweetheart. I am just aching for them right now. I want to do all I can to help them.

How can we hear about things like this and then get worked over the things in life that we don't have? Why do I let myself get caught up in things that don't matter? How can I truly focus on what's important and teach my kids the same? I have a lot of thinking to do. Right now, here are the things I am so grateful for:
1. A kind and forgiving husband who accepts me as I am and loves me anyway. He makes me want to be the best I can.
2. 3 healthy, sweet kids who each have their individual strengths and weaknesses. I just want to appreciate them for who they are.
3. Amazing family who have made me who I am.
4. Friends and neighbors who will do anything for us.
5. The gospel which teaches us about eternal life. I want to live so that I can be with my dad again. I miss him so much.
6. My health.

Well, there is so much more on my mind, but I have 8 kids running around my house right now. Please keep all these families in your thoughts and prayers too.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Quick Update

So, I was trying to take a break from blogging, but I still want to use this as my scrapbook (and my mom was asking for some new pictures!). So, here goes!!

Mother's Day Weekend- I was lucky to have most of my family in town for Mother's Day. I signed us all up for a race (aren't I so nice?!) and we spent the rest of the weekend eating the calories we burned off. :-) We had a wonderful time together, even got to take out the boat! Thanks for visiting us everyone! I especially had fun having a baby in the house again (baby Owen!)

Beach- We were able to go on a campout with the scouts. After a weeks of rain, we were blessed with the only 2 dry days. It was gorgeous.
Last day of school- Emily had her end of the year preschool luau. I was so proud of her and loved hearing about how kind and helpful she is in class. She is ready for kindergarten!
Dallin had some fun end of the year activities. His teacher has been phenomenal. She is leaving the school to get her PhD and she will be greatly missed. The ceremony was very touching. She is one of those inspiring people who make you want to be a better person.

Geocaching- This is our new family hobby. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, we met up with the Giles on Memorial Day and had a great time finding hidden treasures in our little town.

Bryce Bday- Bryce turned 3!! He was so excited! All he wanted to do was go on a roller coaster. Since no parks are open yet, we did the next best thing- went on a virtual roller coaster. :-) It was a good day and we loved celebrating Bryce. He is such a vibrant part of our family.
Summer has begun!! We started off the summer with a bang with a school trip to Safari Sam's! I am ready for a low key, fun summer!!

There is so much more! Over this 2 months, our house was on the market. We didn't end up selling it, but it has been a great learning experience. Someday I will post more about it!