Friday, May 30, 2008

Enjoy the Moments

I want to capture some moments of my life. Emily is quite the talker. (I have no clue where she gets that from!) Her conversations and thought process crack me up! I want to try to write more down! Today in the car:

Emily- I want to tell Mrs. Sharp something. Where is she?
Me- We will see her at the play. What do you want to tell her?
Emily- Something.
Me- Something about what?
Emily-Something about Jesus.
Me- What about Jesus?
Emily- That he loves her.
It was so sweet!

Dallin's school put on the play Peter Pan and it was very cute.

Bryce is finally feeling better and it is so nice to see him smiling and giggling!

Dallin will read to Emily now and I love it!

That's all. Nothing huge, and that's how I like it!

We are heading to the beach this weekend and I can't wait!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The most important things in life aren't things...

Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn, this is going to be a long update! These last 2 weeks have been part wonderful and part extremely difficult. We have been making memories, and enjoying wonderful weather and then having moments we want to forget and having crummy weather! So, first for the good times:

Going along with the good weather, we took our boat out for a spin! We didn't get out on the boat much last summer and I hope this summer to use it more. We love to bring other families, so for all you locals who read my blog, let me know when you want to come play on our boat! It is usually a last minute invite, and we might ask you to hold a baby or a flag, but I guarantee a good time! All my kids have loved boating, even as a baby, and Bryce didn't cry, but he also didn't seem too sure about it yet! The water was freezing, but I had a great ski run!

We have been playing and visiting with friends and neighbors. We have been able to splash in the pool, play with chickens, and just enjoying great conversation. I love that in the summer everyone comes out of the woodwork! I love park days!

We have a new addition to our backyard, and I look forward to many hours of watching my kids out the window playing on this!

Jeff has been working hard in the yard replacing our front yard. The kids have had fun helping them. We planted a vegetable garden and look forward to eating from it, if I can get anything to grow!

We enjoyed a Saturday at the river watching boat races. It was supposed to be a rainy day and turned out beautiful!

We have been able to talk with family on Skype. It has been so fun for us and the kids to talk with cousins and grandparents! Thank goodness for technology.

Bryce turned 1!! I would say that this year has gone by quickly, but honestly it hasn't! Many things have happened this year that will not be soon forgotten, and I am so grateful to have Bryce in my home and family. I am going to do a post just about him, but for now just know we love this little munchkin! His birthday was in the middle of the week that I want to forget. So, here goes!

On Tuesday, Bryce woke up with a fever and Emily told me she didn't feel well. At about 10am, after spending the first few hours of the morning with one of both of them in my arms, they both fell asleep. I checked on Emily and she was a little warm. I went into the other room to send out an email canceling Bryce's birthday for the next day and to try to find someone to work for me that night. I heard Emily coughing in the other room and it just didn't sound right. I went over and saw a sight no parent should see. She was convulsing and foaming at the mouth. I dialed 9-1-1 immediately and then ran next door to my neighbor's because I knew I couldn't be alone. The ambulance arrived about 7 minutes later at which time she had finally stopped shaking. She still wasn't responding to me, but was breathing and her vital signs were good. We went to the ER and Jeff was able to meet me there. She finally recognized me and was of course miserable as they poked and prodded her. They ran many tests to find out exactly what was happening. They have determined it is a febrile seizure(fever induced) but we are having an MRI done just to be sure. She was doing much better by the next day, but then on Thursday she woke up throwing up. Not a fun day again. I am just so grateful she is doing well. Bryce is still somewhat sick, but I feel more out of the woods. We have amazing friends and neighbors who helped out with the kids and meals while we were in the ER. We have been so blessed!

I love being a mom so much, even during the hard times. I feel even closer to Emily and I hope I can be more patient with her. I was a little more upset about the tulips than I realized. My little brother asked, "What's the big deal?" And, he is right! These beautiful tulips were delivered to my door by a wonderful girl, Charity, who I have met through Marathon Mommies. It brightened my whole day and reminded me the most important things are our relationships. With our spouses, parents, children, family, and friends. I hope my kids will always know how important they are to me.

Monday, May 12, 2008

I will laugh about this later...

....the last of my Tulips. Emily was nice enough to pick this one whole and put it in the vase. (It really is that long. :-))

As for the other ones...

...they are gone! As I was working hard trying to get the house clean and organized (and doing Monday laundry), Emily was picking flowers. I looked out the window while I was doing dishes and my usual view of the tulips (my favorite thing this time of year) was gone! This is what I was left with.

I went to find Emily and this is what I found.

I was very upset and tried to handle myself calmly, but I will admit it was not pretty. I definitely became Mean Mommy. I really do not like when Mean Mommy rears her ugly head. The rest of the day did not go much better, I am sad to say. Emily refused to eat dinner and peed on our newly reupholstered dining room chair. (Lucky for her, not too much pee!)

She ended up going to bed early and eventually I did go in and talk to her about her day- just me- no Mean Mommy. I am just at a loss of what to do with her sometimes. She can be the sweetest little girl in the world, but if she doesn't want to do something- there seems to be nothing I can do to change her mind.

Today, I am remembering all the things I love about her. Most importantly, how grateful I am for her. We had a scare a few months ago where she went into shock for about 20 minutes and couldn't speak. I have never been so scared in all my life. The thought of never hearing her cute little voice just broke my heart. I do love her so much, and I love having conversations with her. I hope tomorrow goes better, and I hope I can have the patience I need to show her the love she needs.