Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A tribute to my favorite 4 year old

Wow! I just love my little boy, Dallin, so much. Yesterday, Emily was really sick, and I was not feeling so great myself, so we just laid on the couch. Dallin was a great little helper and did not complain once. When I asked him to get the thermometer, he said, "Yes, my loving mama!" It gave me a needed laugh. ( I think my scholarship boy can give your scholarship boy a run for his money, Suzie!) Then, I sent Jeff and Dallin to our weekly Family Home Evening with friends. Here was one of Dallin's outloud conversations with himself while he and his buddy were working on a puzzle.
"170 pieces- woah! I can't even count that high. Oh wait, yes I can. It comes after 169." Jeff was cracking up when he told me this story.

I have always enjoyed watching him learn. When he was really little, my favorite game was to teach him random things and see what he could pick up on. When he was 2, we were at Lake Powell with all of Jeff's family sleeping on a houseboat. No one could get to sleep because Dallin kept saying, "Grand-ma-Di---- three syllables." "Ha-ley---2 syllables" while clapping his hands. He has a great memory so Jeff loved teaching him new words in books without telling me. So, we would be reading a book when he would all of a sudden say, "dragonfly" or some other big word that I had no idea he knew. He has always loved letters and numbers, and I hope he continues to have that love.

He is also just a sweet boy. Sometimes this means he gets clobbered, and I hope to teach him to stand up for himself, but I love that I don't usually have to worry about him hitting, kicking or biting anyone. He is just a nice kid. I love that I feel comfortable leaving him with people and know that he won't cause too many problems.

Of course, we have our struggles. He can throw a huge fit when he is not ready to leave someone's house. Getting him to eat has always been rough. But overall, I have just enjoyed being his mom and learning from him. I hope he knows how much I love him.

Tell me what you love about your kids.


Anonymous said...

He sounds like an awesome little guy. It is funny the things that you find in your kids. I think it helps me to remember those things when they are not having the most stellar of days. I am glad to see you posting more often.

I hope everyone is feeling better.

Dana said...

Hi ... my name is Dana. I found your blog by chance a few weeks ago and have been reading it since ... and now I finally wanted to say hi and tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. You mentioned a lot that you are new to this blog writing thing (so am I;-) and wonder about your writing skills ... well I think they are great!!! and I really hope to read more about your life and your wonderful family. Maybe I hear from you as well.
Lot´s of greetings from Germany,