Thursday, December 18, 2008

One of the reasons we are dropping cable

We had Dish Network when we first moved to Oregon 8 years ago. We realized pretty quickly that we would watch too much TV. So, we canceled it and went to rabbit ears. This worked very well, and in fact when we bought Tivo 4 years ago the joke was that we were Tivo'ing local channels! We finally moved up to the $10 basic cable. Dallin has been begging us for "Cartoon Network" and when we bought FIOS because our DSL wasn't working, we thought it wouldn't be much more for cable. So, we have enjoyed it for 2 months. The kids have loved it, and I will admit, I have enjoyed my little obsession show, "What not to Wear."

The fact is, I feel like all I do is fight the kids to do anything else but watch TV. (It doesn't help that the snowstorm forced us inside for the last 4 days straight!) We are also trying to follow the Total Money Makeover and of course cable has ended up costing more than they said. So, we decided to cancel it. The kids are disappointed, but I am excited for them to learn something other than the Pokemon theme song.


Carrie said...

Kelly- we shut down our cable at the beginning of the summer bacause we felt like we were watching way too much TV. We have not missed it at all! We have more time together, and get so much more done.

JP said... guys are awesome.

I guess we have so much going on (outside the home) that we're not home enough, but still...we watch too much TV. Actually, let's be honest: We watch too much Disney Channel.

LCM said...

We survived 3 years without cable because the girls were such parrots. Then when Fiona was diagnosed there was no way I could take a Portland winter just me and her, so we got it again. And we haven't been without since. I sure do enjoy it though. In 2004 when I had to stay in the hospital, I didn't get enough rest because I was obsessed with the Food Network and Band of Brothers on A&E. So, sometimes it isn't healthy not to have it, heehee.

Jennifer Lomenick said...

That is too bad but a good choice for your family. Jeremy tells me that it is ruining his brain if he watches more than one cartoon. Staci on the other hand will watch it ALL THE TIME!

Rebecca said...

Good. for. you!

Chelle said...

Kelly.. sister of my own heart! We just cancelled cable this week! I feel like the champion of the world for following through with it! ha! We did it for the same reasons you did: less viewing options = less tv viewing!! : ) congrats on a GREAT decision!