Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Week- in Numbers

My biggest disappointment of this week is that I couldn't find my camera to document it! Hopefully I will find it soon. We had a busy week, so I wanted to reflect on it and share some of the fun times we had- good and bad. We watched the 4 children of our wonderful friends, Taylor and Sarah, for 9 days. Here is what went down:

1- family night miniature golfing. Definite success! We had pizza there- so no cooking for me, also a plus. The 2 2 year olds liked the golfing a little too much, so we corralled them over to the slides. The big kids had a great time.

8- days of simultaneous naps for the 2 littlest ones. Woo hoo! Quiet time and clean up time for mom.

200- giggles I got out of Oscar.

50- times I went up and down their dirt road. (One of those times at the end of a 20 mile run that kicked my trash!)

5- number of projects their oldest daughter came up with to keep the little ones busy.

0- Number of nights I went to bed before 1 am. (I don't like being alone and Jeff and I split up for the week. It was easier for me to stay at their house.)

4- number of baseball practices in that time period.

12-loads of laundry

30- minutes it took to sweep up one full box of cereal spilled and spread all over the floor.

8- hours Jeff watched all 7 kids alone so I could go to a service activity one Saturday, and my 20 miler the next Saturday. My hero!

1- broken plate. Thrown out of the car by Alice. First casualty of the week. Sorry, Sarah, it was one of your Burgerville plates.

150- times I had to ask their next door neighbor and my good friend, Ranell, for help with something. She also provided an amazing dinner and dessert for us one night.

1- time we thought we lost Oscar. (He was hiding... apparently $5 wins this kid over...)

1- night of 3D movie watching of Monsters v. Aliens.

50- times we heard that the kids missed their parents.

25- times I hear how mean I was. (Don't worry- I didn't take it personal- Jeff said it was a sign I was doing my job!)

2000- jumps on the trampoline

500- smiles from Alice

100- toys fought over by Alice and Bryce

20- number of minutes the kids still wanted to get things ready for their parents even when they knew they were on their way.

Countless- number of friends willing to take various children for playdates to save them from me and each other! Thanks everyone!

$6- is how much the kids made at the lemonade stand.

$6- is how much the kids spent on ice cream from the ice cream man. (He bought one of their lemonades also and gave Alice her own ice cream!)

9- is how many hugs I got when I left.

2- how many parents are refreshed and ready to be with their kids.

2-how many parents are ready for their trip to Mexico in September!

Unlimited- the amount of love I have for this family! What a blessing they are in our life!

Taylor and Sarah, I am glad you were able to get some time to yourselves. You deserve it!! Sorry I have no pictures, but we had a great time. Whew!!


Mrs JP Chaos said...

I love this list!!!

You guys are so wonderful to count on one another.

Jennifer Lomenick said...

That is amazing. What a friend. I couldn't do it.

emily said...

Wow. You are a GOOD friend!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Thanks for the kudos. I don't know if you can tell from my last comment, but they will be returning the favor in September. It is great to have friends that you trust to care for your children. And yes, you could do it Jen I promise!

Anonymous said...

Kelly, You and Jeff are amazing!!!
MOM What great friends you have and what great friends you are to them!

Team Hanni said...


You are an AMAZING friend! Lucky, lucky kids to get to spend so long with you!


ellen said...

you must be crazy

Suzie Petunia said...

Yes, indeed! You MUST be crazy to have agreed to watch my kids for 9 whole days! The words "Thank You" could never convey how appreciate we really are for what you did and what you sacrificed for us. We had an amazing, unforgettable trip. And our kids had a very memorable week with you... in a good way! They love you more than ever now.

I was wondering what happened to that plate... not really. :) Really? She threw a plate out the window? That funny girl.

I'm looking forward to our babysitting extravaganza in September!!