Wednesday, May 13, 2009

40 Reasons Jadie is 40 and Fabulous

It is my good friend, Jadie's 40th birthday today. If you don't know her, you are missing out. I hope she is not too mad at me for doing this. Have an awesome day!
1. She is gorgeous!
2. She is intelligent.
3. She has strong opinions and is not afraid to share them.
4. She stands up for what she believes in.
5. She is crafty.
6. She is not afraid to admit when she is wrong.
7. She is kind.
8. She is loyal.
9. She has a quick wit.
10. She is a great mom.
11. She loves her kids unconditionally.
12. She doesn't judge others.
13. She doesn't gossip.
14. She is fun to play games with.
15. She is competitive.
16. She is great at word games.
17. She is a literary genius.
18. She has awesome hair.
19. She is always smiling.
20. She has a positive attitude.
21. She has great ideas.
22. She is a fantastic listener.
23. She is very active.
24. She is not afraid to try new things.
25. She doesn't make excuses.
26. She is a great friend.
27. She is not a sore loser.
28. She loves her family.
29. She is exactly who she says she is.
30. She keeps her promises.
31. She has a fantastic blog. (but it's annonymous so don't tell anyone who she really is...)
32. She is an outstanding writer.
33. She "gets" me.
34. She accepts me for who I am.
35. She appreciates fine food. (even though I don't.)
36. She supports her husband, friends, and kids in all they do.
37. She puts others first and is always serving.
39. She is extremely humble and would not say these things about herself.
39 again. She looks amazing and can stay 39! :-)

Happy Birthday, Jadie!! I have known you for 8 years and feel privileged to have you as a friend! I hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy the next decade! You make 40 look fabulous! Love you! Let me know what you need this week.


emily said...

oh, so nice! now i'm dying to know what blog she writes!

ped crossing said...

Yup, she is awesome!

Suzie Petunia said...

I agree 100% with everything!

Jadie said...

Oh my gosh, Kelly! I haven't been in the blogosphere for a month, and I get back into it and read this! I'm blushing! ;) YOU are an awesome friend!! (And a dang good embellisher!)