Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kids and Sports

I grew up playing softball since I was 7 and trying almost every other sport for fun. I loved the team aspect and especially appreciated my parents attendance at the games. I have looked forward to watching my own children play. Dallin has been playing sports since he was 4. He seems to like whatever he tries. He is currently playing basketball and has discovered that he loves to steal the ball and then make a layup. The season ends this weekend. We are excited that Grandpa Mel and Grandma Di will be there to watch.

Dallin and his best buddy Tyler had fun playing against each other and guarding each other!

Bryce and Emily both started soccer on Saturday. It is always fun to see how different the kids are. Jeff is helping to coach Bryce's team. He actually scored the first goal in the first 5 seconds of the game. I will try to upload the video!
Emily has not shown too much interest in sports, so I have tried not push her. I am glad she wants to try it now. She is a little tentative to go after the ball, but is a great runner, which makes me happy! She also offered to play goalie, which I was pleasantly surprised with.

It will be fun to cheer them both on in soccer. Dallin will get about a month break after basketball and then start baseball. I think my dad is having fun watching him from his bleacher in the sky. I am so glad he passed on his love of sports to us.

Here is Dallin scoring!

Here is Bryce scoring!

Fun times!


Emily said...

So fun, I love going to our kids games too!

Suzie Petunia said...

You have a great family tradition in sports, and in supporting one another in your activities! Your kids are going to have such great childhood memories!

Dwight said...
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