Saturday, January 07, 2012


So, my almost 10 year old loves sports. Wait, that is an understatement- he lives and breathes sports!! I have watched him play soccer, basketball and baseball since he was 4 years old. A lot of times, I am late or leave early from the games due to work at the YMCA or other responsibilities. There is a joke that he always scores or has a major play when I am gone. Sometimes when I show up at a game, the parents will tell me to leave so Dallin can score. They always say it with a smile, but now I am starting to really wonder if I should. Today he had a basketball game and I wasn't feeling well, so I stayed home. He ended up scoring 17 points!

So, what to do? I love to watch him play, but I am starting to feel he does better without me so should just accept my bad luck.

What would you do?


Emily Foley said...

I would go when I could! I don't believe in superstitious things like that. If he's a good player, he'll play well regardless of who's in the audience, in my opinion. Do you think he'll remember that he scored 17 points in one game when he was a kid, or that his mom made an effort to go to every game she could? I think the latter.

Kelly(M&M) said...

You are right. One of my favorite memories growing up was seeing my parents, especially dad, watching me or coaching. Dallin just read this post and said I am still allowed to come. :-) I just love seeing him do well, and if for some reason I make him more nervous, I don't want to ruin it for him!

skbkmjfamily said...

I would sneak in. Personally I have done this with my kids. For whatever reason they get nervous. However, I am still able to be there and they see me there, at the end. I would not tell him you are coming or when you are coming etc.
Has he said why? Maybe it has nothing to do with you, just coincidence

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