Wednesday, February 01, 2012

10 years- Really?!

Happy 10th Birthday, Dallin Jeffrey Marker!

Yes, I am that mom saying, "Where has the time gone?" I will never forget the day I became a mother. My road to motherhood was not as smooth as I would have liked and then I was disappointed to end up with a C-section, but when I held that sweet baby for the first time, none of that mattered! I couldn't believe my dream of being a mom was coming true! I loved so much about those early days, months and years. The C-section allowed me to spend more time sitting on the couch then I think I would have. I loved watching his first smile (at 4 weeks) and then every first after that! I loved teaching him new "tricks". He was a quick learner and was a lot of fun. He has always been very mild and kind hearted. He is obedient to the extreme. Even when he doesn't want to do what I ask, he can't NOT do it. It's very funny. (Not to him.) He loves sports and never takes off the Green Bay Aaron Rodgers jersey he got for Christmas. He loves to play sports in real life, but his new obsession is the Xbox Madden game. He loves to give the play by play.

He is great with his brother and sister, some of the time. :-) He enjoys playing football and soccer with them. He has been a true joy to raise. I am so grateful to have him as my first son. What special memories and fun we have shared. I will have to add more pictures.


Emily Foley said...

Happy Birthday! Double digits. It's a big deal.

amydear said...

10 is big for the kid and the Mom. Congrats to you! My son loves to play NCAA football on the Xbox. Boys are so fun, huh?