Tuesday, June 05, 2012

My Comeback Marathon

I wrote about my marathon from this weekend.

Here is the link.

Lots more to write about. Here is a quick synpopsis:

1. Baseball, baseball, baseball- I LOVE watching Dallin play. My favorite way to spend an evening. I even accept that he is the pitcher now and I am not QUITE as nervous. 
2. New entertainment center getting built. (Today!) We will love this!
3. I have a kindergartner- wow! All 3 kids at the same school next year.
4. My mom and Harold came out to visit and we had a fantastic trip to Silver Falls. Needs its own post! We had a wonderful time with them on the boat, at the Bonneville locks and just hanging out!
5. Emily is just a doll and I love her!


The Risenmay Family said...

Good job on your marathon Kelly! I am so proud of you! Maybe one day you can be my running coach! Miss you and hope you are doing well.

skbkmjfamily said...

How awesome are you. I am so proud of you. What an awesome experience you have had. Way to go. Good luck on St. George.

Molly said...

Great job Kel. I've been meaning to call you but cannot seem to find a quiet moment when we can chat...I gues that's why we run!

Trina said...

You girls are amazing for running your marathons!!! I agree - Emily is a doll! :)

Stephanie said...

Loved your write up! You are an inspiration and amazing friend. Thanks for the most awesome first marathon experience a girl could ask for.

Kelly(M&M) said...

Mindy- Thanks for your comment. We miss you so much! Steph talks about you all the time. :-) We will definitely have to meet up for a race. The Boulder Boulder is still on my list! How is your sweet new baby?

Katie- Thanks for your kind words. I miss you!! Wish you had Kelly and Darrion to come visit now that I live across the street from their old house. I think of you often.

Molly- I figured doing a quick write up would be a good idea. So hard to put all the emotions in a few short paragraphs. I look forward to training with you for St George. When can we run?!

Trina- You are too kind. I miss running with you too. Let me know when you are wanting to run again.

Steph- Glad you liked the write up. I hope I portrayed your experience accurately. I was so impressed by you. I loved being by your side. It was a very special marathon for me and I am glad you felt the same! Thanks for being a great running partner and friend!

Emily Foley said...

Congratulations! You are so inspiring!