Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Happy 9th Birthday, Emily!

I am not a fan of birthday parties, so we were on the every 3 years schedule. It was Emily's turn this year and boy did she go big! She wanted to have it at a local pizza/arcade place and also a movie night. Whew! She invited 10 girls and I think they had a blast. The only bummer was that I was really sick with a sinus infection so I was not myself, but luckily the arcade place took care of most of the details. :-)

On her actual birthday, she wanted to take part in a walk for congenital heart disease. Then we went shopping and had lunch and just spent the day together.

I love this girl so much! She is my partner in crime. She is smart, spunky, thoughtful, silly, kind, and so much fun to be with. I am so glad she is my daughter and I hope we always have a special relationship!

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Trina said...

Emily is amazing! She is truly one of a kind!