Monday, June 19, 2006

There IS hope for me!

Today, thanks to the wonderful generosity of Suzie Petunia, I was able to have a few hours to myself, in my own house. Oh, the joy! The rule was that I was not allowed to watch TV and I had to report what I was able to accomplish. (My self-imposed rules of course!) We are going to try out this little swap so we can each clean our house in peace, and I was happy to go first. It was definitely a success. I spent the first hour hanging up pictures, bulletin boards, etc that I just hadn't made a priority and I love it! Emily's room is so cute now! I will post pictures soon. It is amazing what the little changes did for my attitude toward my house. After I finished those little things, I busted my behind cleaning. I cleaned all 3 bathrooms, and the kids rooms and the master bedroom and then vacuumed the whole upstairs. Whew! The best part is that when I went to pick up the kids, they were happy and fed! What a great start to my day. It felt so good that when I came home after picking up the children, I was still in clean mode, and mopped the kitchen and the bathroom and still finished all the laundry. After all, it is Monday Laundry Day. So, now the goal is to keep it maintained. Also, I would love to decorate my living room. I will need help to do that also. :-) I am so lucky to have good friends who help me with the things that don't come easily for me. I hope they know that I am always here to help also. It is so great when we can work together. Suzie, it's your turn, Friday! You can do whatever you want. I just expect a full report. :-)

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Suzie Petunia said...

Now I'm just nervous that I can't be nearly as productive as you! I'm terrified that I'll drop the kids off, go back home, walk upstairs to my room and fall asleep on my bed until my time is "up". That is totally something I would do. But I've been putting off cleaning my bathrooms just so I can save it for Friday!