Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Look at My Cans!"

Thanks, Suzie, for the kick in the can to post. Ha Ha! Anyway, this statement refers to my awesome friend Suzie's blog. It is about time I update!

So, really, look at my cans! Aren't they gorgeous? One of my other really good friends gave up her little boy's precious naptime to help me, her organizationally-challenged friend, create a pantry. (I also can't forget to give kudos to Suzie who came over last month to help me rearrange my front room to look more inviting. Are you catching the pattern here? I need lots of help!) I LOVE, LOVE LOVE my new pantry. There is still much work to be done and I should show you the state of the office upstairs, where all those wonderful toys were transferred to, but I won't. I will show you the finished room later. It will be wonderful, trust me.

One thing my husband learned is if he really wants me to get something done, have Suzie tell me it's a good idea. He had mentioned moving the toys upstairs a few months ago. It wasn't until last week, when Suzie and I were enjoying a wondeful, quiet conversation downstairs in her beautifully decorated and clean living room, with the kids all playing upstairs, that I was finally motivated to do something about it. Another example of the power of Suzie is this Endurance 50 hoopla. I was seriously considering driving up to Seattle and running the marathon. This wouldn't have been too crazy a few months ago, as I would have at least been physically able to handle it. The truth is, my running has slacked lately, I have put on a few pounds, and I just plain feel like crap. I still wanted to run. :-) My hubby thought I was nuts, but I was still determined. Once Sarah said I was nuts, I realized how insane of an idea it truly was. Thanks Suzie!(She did consider running it for a split second though!)

Other update, my darling Emily turned 2 today. She is so much fun and I am grateful to be her mom. Her favorite things to do are wrap blankets around anything, and hold my good friend Amy's, Baby Harry. She is a fesity little girl, with a strong will. She also has a big heart and will blurt out, "I love momma" for seemingly no reason at all. She loves to color on anything, including, of course, the walls. She opened a new shopping cart from Grandmi Di this morning and was so excited!

Well, that is it for now. I will try to update more often. :-)


Suzie Petunia said...

I feel so honored! No one has ever put much stock in my opinion. I'm speechless. I am mostly very happy for the thrill you are feeling about your new pantry and its limitless possibilities for future organization. I completely understand the exhileration you are feeling.

Emily is such a sweety-pie! That last picture of her is so cute - she's like a tiny doll sitting in that big chair at the table. ...And Oscar looks like he's pouting (shocker). Happy Birthday, darling girl!!

Suzie Petunia said...

Did Em put her boots on the bottom shelf of the pantry? She's so cute - trying to help you organize.

Abby said...

I feel such peace when things are freshly organized! I was going to ask if that was Oscar at the table--I recognized his favorite shirt!

katie said...

I love the cans!!! They look awesome. I love what friends can help us see and find great ideas. And the toys are so nice. We have a bonus room here and I love that I don't care if it gets messy since no one goes up there but my kids and their friends.
I would love to hear from you more often.

Suzie Petunia said...

I miss you, friend. I miss your cans. ;) Can we come play?

Suzie Petunia said...

I'm ready for you to break this fast of posting. I know! You can write all about your new armoire! :)