Saturday, December 09, 2006

Zoo Lights

One of my favorite traditions since we moved to Oregon is the ZOO Lights. You go to the Zoo after dark and the whole place is decorated in lights. They have cool light displays with monkeys (just lit ones!) swinging through the trees and reindeer jumping across. The best part is the train ride. Kudos to Jeff's work for planning their Christmas Party here. We had a blast! Jeff is always amazed at how the Zoo has their own climate-freezing! When we left the house, Dallin didn't want a jacket, and then of course, once we got there he was glad I brought it- along with gloves, a hat, and a blanket! Emily was so darling as she kept calling out the different animals she saw in lights. She especially loved the elephants. Dallin's face on the train was priceless, of course. Nothing brings him more happiness than riding on a train.

After the train ride and walking around, we met Jeff's coworkers inside for a yummy catered ham and turkey dinner. There was also the annual white elephant gift exchange. This one was particularly pathetic as they specifically told people not to buy anything, but just bring something from home. All in all, I think we did well. We brought "Babe-Pig in the City" which we have never opened, and Dallin picked out this cool remote control monster truck. Can you tell he knows he was the winner? :-) What a great night. Bring on more holiday fun!


Anonymous said...

That is the biggest thing I miss about Portland, besides friends is the zoo. Seriously, you have know idea how awesome the Portland Zoo is. Boise takes you less than an hour, the biggest animal is a camel, a camel. Tears when I think of my beloved Zoo that I bought passes too and always went more than once a week during the summer. I am so coming to Portland just for that. You look so cute pregnant.

Anonymous said...

Zoo Lights is fantastic!! I had to laugh at your comment about the temperatures there. One year it actually began to *snow* as we were riding the train around, and it was so cold, my son (who was only about 1 then) was crying the ENTIRE time!! Took a bit of the Christmas magic off, but ah well. :-)

Suzie Petunia said...

How fun! We missed your kids on Friday night. Seriously - we did! I'm glad you were all having fun. It IS always cold there, isn't it? "COLD" is what I think when I remember the Turkey Trot there last year. And awesome white elephant gift!

cherl said...

What fun! Thanks for the reminder to pick a date for our family to go see the Zoo Lights this year. We have never been and I just know our son will love it, esp. the train ride!

I can see the bump; you look great!

Sarah M said...

That sounds like a great evening with the family! It's so much fun seeing your kids excited. Animals and Christmas light. Does it get any better?

Dana said...

Sounds like a wonderful day;-) What a great family photo ... and Dallin is such a cutie with his truck;-)
I spent a lot of time in the USA between 1998 and 2004, as an Au Pair and traveling and I always loved the christmas time there with all the lights ... Here the lights are pretty much limited to inside the houses and the christmas fairs ... only a few people decorate more than that!

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