Thursday, April 19, 2007

Tulip Festival, Easter, etc.

Okay, I really need to post more often!! I couldn't help but post today. It was such a beautiful spring day and I had a wonderful time with my kids. First, there was no preschool, so Dallin was able to come to class with me at the YMCA and I always love having him there. Then we went and had a picnic at the park and on the way there, I got a crazy idea that we should go to the Tulip Festival. One of my friends was driving by and I told her my plan and she said, "Let's go!" I love that attitude! So, we put all the kids in her van and headed about 30 minutes away to Woodburn.

There was a cow train, that we all decided was too "bumpy" especially for the 8 month pregnant one!

There was a bounce house.

There was a steep slide that had rollers that the kids went on about a million times because it was free. :-) Emily surprised me by being brave enough to do it by herself.

There were haystacks to climb with a slide to go down.

They also played in the sand. All in all, it was a perfect day. And on the way home, Melissa was nice enough to let me run into the outlets to buy new shoes. Finally, I have tennis shoes without laces, ha ha!!

So, here is a little update on other things.

My favorite blogger, running partner and friend had her baby!! I loved spending time with her boys and I am so happy she still got her pedicure while in labor!! She was beautiful and amazing to me at how effortless it all seemed. And Alice Rose is so sweet and perfect!! Henry was so proud when he saw the picture of his sister. The live blogging was hilarious. I am grateful I was able to meet Alice.

Easter- This is one of my favorite holidays because it is so much less commercialized than the other ones. I love just focusing on the Savior. We do Easter baskets but don't make a huge deal out of them. We have a tradition where we meet with our good friends for an awesome Sunday brunch and the kids are all dressed up and have an Easter egg hunt together. This was our 5th year and it was fabulous as usual! The weekend started out great for me because I went on a girls overnight to the beach. I was able to stay up late chatting, sleep in, relax, and enjoy a hot tub. It was wonderful. (Thanks, Jeff!!)

Chuck E. Cheese- We went here on a rainy, yucky day and it was a lot of fun for Dallin and Emily to be with their friends. This picture is of Dallin and some of his best buddies. I realize how blessed I have been to have good friends that my kids get along so well with. And the moms get along well too. I really think I owe my sanity to my good girlfriends! The only boys missing from this picture are Henry and Tyler, 2 boys whose moms just had babies! We love them too!!

Well, that is about it for now. I am feeling pretty good with a little over a month to go. I am just trying to enjoy my time with my children. My husband worked hard to install new baseboards and they look awesome. My house is staying clean, the baby's room is ready, now it is just waiting. I have enjoyed hearing about everyone's new babies. I can't wait to meet my little guy!! Now if only we had a name...please help...


katie said...

you look amazing, not even pregnant.

The tulip festival, you made me miss Portland, I so have to come and see the tulip festival. One good thing I realized with my parents moving to Seattle is that I can drive through portland and visit all my old friends. Can't wait to meet your baby.

What a fun day you had, and I can't believe you only have a month left and all that energy, crazy.
Yes you need to post more.

Sarah said...

What a fun mom you are...I want to be one of your kids!

My sister-in-law lives in LaCenter, WA and does the tulip thing every year. This year she sent us some amazing pictures. We hope to visit next April so we can see the great flowers.