Thursday, May 31, 2007

Unexpected Date with Jeff

When Jeff walked in on Tuesday night after playing soccer with ice bags in his hand, I got a sick feeling in my stomach. When I asked him what happened, he said, "It's not good." He blew out his knee and can barely walk. This is 2 days into his staying home so he can take care of his wife who has just had a C-section. The irony of the situation hit me hard. Luckily, my recovery has been pretty smooth, so I was able to chuckle a little at the situation. He wasn't so amused. Word spread pretty quickly among friends and neighbors and Emily and Dallin have been taken care of during the day so that we can BOTH recover. The first day we were pretty pathetic, and I had to smile at us sitting on opposite couches watching "Finding Neverland." (Great movie, by the way!!) We were able to chat, read books and just relax. Now, it is starting to get a little old. I want to be able to take care of my husband and my household. He feels bad when I have to get up to get something that we forgot. But I would rather do it myself than watch him hobble across the room. I am feeling pretty good, and tomorrow I am hoping to feel up to going to the park, just to get out of the house. I hope Jeff feels better soon. As for now, we just enjoyed the extra time together.

This last picture is more for me and Jeff than anyone else. We both cracked up when Dallin was holding Bryce and asked for my water. This has been a joke of ours since Dallin was a baby because every time I started nursing, I immediately asked for water. Jeff soon learned and would bring me water without me having to ask. I am always amazed at what kids pick up on.


Suzie Petunia said...

That picture and story about Dallin is so funny!

I feel so bad for you guys! What bad luck! Taylor is really bummed to have lost his running buddy so soon. :( Instead of running tonight he went to a movie with some friends. A 10:15 movie! Who DOES that kind of thing? My husband apparently. I told him he was nuts and had to get up first with the baby anyway just to teach him a lesson. :)

M&M said...

I am glad you could see the humor in the Dallin story. :-)
I told Jeff it was a lot of effort to get out of running with Taylor! You caught this just as I wrote it. Why are you awake, Missy? Okay, I am going to bed for real. I am determined to be at the park tomorrow? Please come so we can hang out!! Do I sound desperate enough?

katie said...

I am so sorry to hear about his knee.

Okay, you have the cutest baby (well besides mine). I am glad to hear that all went well. I hope I can see him soon.

Take care of you.

Lisa 'Thomas' Anderson said...

It sounds like you and Jeff are a perfect match right now. Too bad you haven't had more time to relax. My sister-in-law had her daughter Jessica around noon on May 21st, however it was her fourth child. A week after delivery she drove with her husband and four kids to Idaho from Texas, CRAZY girl. Daniel and I are having our second child due July 17th. It is nice to be in a house and getting the nursery ready. My big thing has been painting accent walls in Cali's room, half walls in David's future nursery and building organizational shelves in our closets (I love my router and table saw). I have of course been band from painting so Daniel gets to perform all of my painting project ideas. I freak out every once in a while just thinking about going through birth and my whole world changing in six weeks. Of course I know life will be better with another personality around the house, but it is the unknown that is unnerving me or maybe it is just the constant kicking inside of my stomach.
Lisa in Texas

lys said...

Ha, ha, ha. That cracks me up about the water!