Saturday, June 09, 2007

Let Freedom Ring...

No, I am not being patriotic, (I will post about that later, I promise), I am talking about the beauty of a bottle fed baby. All three of my babies have been pretty good nursers, and I expected to someday figure out how to nurse in public, but it is just not happening for me. I just don't have the ability to be discreet. First of all, I have never understood how some women can "hook up" the babies without looking. So, I look like a big dork as I put my head under the blanket to try and get the baby to eat. Meanwhile, I am sure part of me is hanging out that no one needs/wants to see. Then, there is always the problem of the baby falling asleep on the job and your milk continuing to accumulate. Oh, the joys of nursing.
So, for Bryce, I am determined to get the pump'n go skillz down. The first time I tried a bottle I nearly drowned my poor baby. So, Suzie gave us some bottles that have slower nipples and voila, we have a happy baby that can be fed on the go. The kids are also very willing to help.

Today was very relaxing. It started off with a nice run with my favorite marathon mommy, and then I spent the morning cleaning and dejunking. Then I went to a little party with said marathon mommy and her darling 8 year old. We then had a cleaning party at home and we all took naps. Our night ended with an exciting family trip to Costco and Target. I love days like this that don't feel crazy. Remind me of this please.


katie said...

I love that Jace takes a bottle as well. Sometimes I just need to run somewhere without him.

I also love my hooter hider (real word for it). It is fabric with a ring in it, so you can see your baby and it goes around your neck, so voila it can't just fall off.
I will have to email you a picture if you want. I love it for church adn the times he won't take the bottle.

He is so handsome

cherl said...

All of your children are beautiful! I hear ya on the whole nursing thing. Since M was in the NICU for 10 days, she preferred the bottle from day one and still isn't a great nurser. I don't know what I'd do without my breast pump!

Sarah said...

So I just realized that I haven't read your blog in a VERY long time. Congrats on the new baby...very cute name. How are the nights going? That's what I am NOT looking forward to!!