Sunday, June 24, 2007

You know you need a new post when... realize your last post was all about breastfeeding. :-) Sorry about that. Anyway, here is an update of the fun things my new "freedom" has allowed me to do.

1. Go to the park for many hours with good friends. (Does this surprise you?)

We also played a lot in our own front yard. I love that I feel comfortable letting Dallin just ride his bike with the neighbor kids. We live on a great street with many kids. It is so much fun, especially in the summer.

2. Chase a balloon festival with Suzie's daughter Wavy Gravy.

We bought passes to the balloon festival. On Saturday morning at 6am we woke up all the kids and went to see the balloons take off. We were disappointed when the weather kept this from happening. We had an all you can eat pancake breakfast and walked around an empty field. We decided to try again that night for the night glow. Still kind of a disappointment but we had fun listening to "Elvis." Sunday morning at 6am, Dallin, Wavy Gravy and I tried one more time to see the balloons launch, and again they were sidelined by the weather. We were lucky enough to ride in a tethered balloon and it was still cool to see all the balloons. The kids were great sports. I am glad Wavy Gravy could come with us. I have always felt a special kinship with her.

3. Spend time with my sweet, fun daughter Emily.

Dallin was in soccer camp this week at the YMCA, so while he was playing with his 2 good buddies,

Emily and I had some fun. We played at open gym time, went to see Clifford at the free movies, and just played with her friends. I love spending time with just her and enjoying her craziness. She loves to dress herself up(as you can tell) and she is still so sweet with Bryce.

4. Hang out with my cool sister Crystal and her boyfriend Tony while they came to visit for the weekend.

I love when Crystal comes to visit. We always have a fun time together. She is such a great aunt and the kids are always excited to see her. I am glad she was able to meet Bryce. We took the boat out which was a lot of fun. I was a little nervous to see how Bryce would like the life jacket, but he did really well, sleeping most of the time. I guess he has no choice in our boat loving family! We also went to a baseball game and rode the train downtown. It was the happiest I have seen Bryce and he was smiling a lot while Crystal was holding him. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera, so I have still not been able to catch a "real" smile. I will keep trying, I promise! We had a great time playing Settlers(a lot! Thanks guys, I will win sometime) and just relaxing. It was a perfect weekend. We even had visitors today, good friends from home and BYU. Then Suzie and her family came over for games and dessert. Whew! We feel lucky to have such amazing family and friends. Thank you!!

We were also able to have a wonderful Father's Day. I love when we have a chance to honor Jeff. I really do feel truly blessed to have a husband who is not only my best friend, but a great father. The kids love their dad! (Isn't Bryce's outfit adorable?! It was sent to us by my good friend, Angi, who just had a sweet baby girl. (Angi, start a blog so I can see more pics of your cute family!)

The kids picked out a present they could play with their dad. Dallin wanted to buy another video game, but I nixed that idea! So, they picked out rockets. They love playing with their dad.

I also feel grateful to have a great father. Bryce is named after him (middle name) and I can't think of anyone I would rather him strive to be like. He is kind, generous, thoughtful, strong and faithful. He taught me to love and serve everyone. He is my personal cheerleader and I never feel prouder than when I am able to share an accomplishment with him. I love you dad!!

Bryce is a month old and I can't believe how fast it has gone. I hope I am doing a good job and making sure all my kids feel loved. I am glad that we don't have school right now so we can all be together. I love reading books with the kids and watching them learn. Babies are such a miracle, and especially my little Bryce. What a blessing he has been to our family.


Suzie Petunia said...

What a beautiful, wonderful, full life you lead! I feel blessed to be your friend. :)

lys said...

I love all your photos. You do such a good job of capturing the moment!

Sarah said...

I am totally laughing at your life jacket pictures!! Very cute. As for the hot air balloon--You're very brave. I think I'd be too scared to ride in one!!

Chelle said...

What a wonderful account of happy things. I think my favorite is your newborn in the life jacket. It is very apparent that your kids ARE feeling loved by you. But I know that feeling of whether you are doing right by each of them. It's hard when they are all so young and needy. Boy do I know that feeling. Just last night I was complaining about how effort-ful it is to parent my kids the way I would like. The picture I have in my mind, you know? I feel like I fall short of the ideal every day. I guess we just keep moving in that direction, right?

Great post.
p.s. You need to update your blog! : )

tifferbob said...

Okay, I must have lived extremely close to you and Suzie Petunia when I lived in Oregon. I took my daughter to that same park every week. I even saw Suzie there one afternoon. Strangeness!