Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bryce is 3 months old

Tuesday was a big day. Our 9th wedding anniversary, and Bryce turned 3 months old. I should be packing and cleaning for our early morning flight tomorrow, and instead I am holding a screaming baby and typing one-handed. I sent Jeff to work out, and I thought blogging about the happy moments with Bryce would help me feel better. So, here goes:

Extremely happy when he first wakes up. Love to see his huge grins and giggles, especially Jeff. The tongue smiles are very fun.

Mostly just chills out and goes with the flow. Great at the park, movies, wherever.

Doesn't keep me up in the middle of the night. I count my blessings on this one every morning when I am able to wake up to run!

Easy to make smile. If I am ever down about something, I can just cuddle him and smile and he will smile back.

Loves to be held. They are little for such a short time that I am trying to enjoy this stage as much as possible.

So, the one negative is that he is a major spitter upper! He doesn't seem too affected by it, and for that I am grateful.

Overall, he has been a joy to have. The kids are cute with him, and he is truly my miracle baby. I am so glad to have him in my family.


Suzie Petunia said...

Oh, I have such an adorable future son-in-law!

Sarah said...

He sounds like such a great little guy! I am sure he is well loved by his older brother and sister.