Monday, August 20, 2007

Lazy days of summer

It has been a nice, relaxing summer so I have no excuse for not keeping up on the blogging. I hope my kids aren't disappointed that we didn't do anything "big" this summer. But there are the little moments I wouldn't trade for anything:

*Trip to Seattle with my mom and the kiddos to visit Aunt Brenda

*Watching Dallin and Emily play together

*playing with friends at the park while Bryce just chills out.

*Dallin reading his first book out loud (a Pokemon book that I didn't want to buy him in the first place!)
*Dallin reading to his sister

*Bryce smiling and giggling

*Emily stripping off her clothes to put on any princess "pretty dress"
*Emily buying a porcelain Cinderella for $1 at a garage sale and not going anywhere without her. (Poor doll was literally loved to death.)

*Many hours singing princess songs
*Many hours doing "math" with Dallin
*Many hours building paper airplanes
*Flying airplanes at the park
*Pulling weeds to help Dallin earn money for his big bike
*Hanging out with my wonderful neighbors in the front yard, in the back yard, wherever

*Going on the boat- always a fun time!

*Dallin's first outdoor soccer practice- he was so excited when he learned a new way to kick the ball in the goal!

*Swimming at the Y with dad

*Dallin trying to come up with any way he can to make money!

We still have many more memories to make and these are just some of our favorites. I will try to post more often, but for now just know I am soaking in these moments with my wonderful children, family and friends!

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Suzie Petunia said...

That last picture of you with the kids is so cute. Speaking of your kids... they are all at my house right now! Bryce is still sleeping. What are you doing? Are you at home blogging?? :)