Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I have read many blogs where people pick one word for the year instead of lots of little resolutions (that are usually the same as last year anyway!) I have been intrigued by this and decided to pick the word:


This word represents a lot to me. First off, I turn 30 this year (yes, write that down-March 20th!). As I enter this decade, I would like to think I have become a little bit wiser and know a little bit more about what's important. So, I would like to focus on figuring out more about the person I want to become. I don't want to use the word "become" because I believe "becoming" represents the process. I want to enjoy the process.

I want to remember that changes happen one step at a time and to be patient. I want to work on becoming a better wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, and person. I will do this by making wise choices in how I spend my time. I will open my heart to others more and focus on "being" instead of "doing." I won't look at life as a checklist, but as a journey. I want to follow my father's example of kindness and love and pass that legacy on.

I am looking forward to a wonderful year! Come join me!

Does anyone have a word for the year?


emily said...

my cousin did this, hers was "focus". i can't think of one though.

ped crossing said...

Excellent choice.

My word this year is "finish," as in finish the things I have started. Full story at my blog.

If I chose one other word it would be "relish," as in take time to relish, enjoy, notice my life. It seems to be flying by and and I am only hanging on.

katie said...

I love your word. I think it is perfect. I think this would be a good word for me.

Our family has a phrase this year. Raise the Bar, so my word is DO......

Don't think it, do it, don't wait for it, do it. I have found that because I started out in the right way, I have a better chance at making this work.

You are definitely Becoming, I already have seen that.

John and Rachael said...

Okay, Kelly, how did I not know that you and John have the same birthday?? Happy early 30th birthday (I turn 30 this year too, scary!!) I like your "word of the year".

tootie said...


First, thanks so much for the comment and kind words on my blog!

I loved how you said that life is a journey. So true! We just have to take it one step at a time. (And that definitely applies to marathon training, too :)

Thanks for the inspiration! I'll be back to visit your blog again soon.