Friday, January 04, 2008

Is it really 2008?

Time for an update! I actually just sent out my "Christmas" cards, so I thought if anyone checked this out I would have some new pictures.

We got back from California December 10th, so I didn't feel ready for Christmas. Amazingly enough we came home to a Christmas tree in our window, my favorite sight. Our friends had decorated a tree for us. Dallin still wanted to hang a few ornaments, so we hung up some of his hot wheels!

The rest of the month is kind of a blur. I tried to do some old familiar traditions and start some new ones.

Gingerbread houses are always a hit with the kids, and you gotta love Costco kits! Thanks Jeff for helping the kids with this one!

Christmas light looking with good friends

Dallin was in his first Christmas concert at school. He is having fun playing with the Nintendo Wii and just enjoying a break from school and routine. He is such a big help with Bryce!

Emily needed some good bonding time with me. I was lucky enough to take her to Nutcracker with the Young Women from the ward. She was in heaven! We both got dressed up and she had her purse and jacket. She even agreed to take a nap in the car so she would be awake. I was a little nervous for how she would behave in the show, but she was awesome! I was so proud of her. She just watched, mesmerized! Every once in a while she would blurt something out like, "Where is he taking her?!" and "I want to dance with the prince!" It was a memory I will never forget.

After the show I was able to visit with one of my good friends, who I have become even better friends with through blogging. Thanks, Katie, for our talk. Thanks for not being afraid to let me cry. You are wonderful and I love you!

Bryce is Seven Months Old- He probably deserves a full post, but I will just catch the main points! He has 6 teeth and loves food! He crawls like a centipede, mostly chasing after me. He loves to giggle, but only when someone is there to entertain him.

White Christmas with Jeff's family
After all the traveling to California I did September-December, I thought that I would be ready to just be at home. Well, we decided last minute to go spend Christmas with Jeff's family who we hadn't visited in over a year. I am so glad we did. It was wonderful! We had a beautiful white Christmas. We went to see Enchanted, we went bowling, we played with the cousins and just enjoyed being together. We were even able to be there for a baptism which was very nice. I truly love Jeff's family and feel so grateful that they have always treated me as a daughter/sister.

I hope to update fairly often this year. My goal is once a week on Sundays, but we shall see! Happy New Year!


ped crossing said...

I'm so glad to see you didn't fall off the face of the Earth.

Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas and spent lots of time with family.

LCM said...

I am glad you had a good Christmas. A better way to end the year, huh? I hope you keep up with your posting, I love to hear what you are up to.

katie said...

I am so glad you had a great time in Utah. I loved our visit, and can't wait for that run.

Sara said...

Yay! An update! So much fun to see what friends are up to! Glad you had a happy holiday!

Suzie Petunia said...

Great report! Love those pictures of the snow - you all look like you had so much fun.

emily said...

the nutcracker sounds like so much fun, what a neat memory for you two!

Kristin said...

Hi Kelly, Amelia found me and now I found you, I love how this blogging works. You have a beautiful family, good to see you again.