Friday, May 30, 2008

Enjoy the Moments

I want to capture some moments of my life. Emily is quite the talker. (I have no clue where she gets that from!) Her conversations and thought process crack me up! I want to try to write more down! Today in the car:

Emily- I want to tell Mrs. Sharp something. Where is she?
Me- We will see her at the play. What do you want to tell her?
Emily- Something.
Me- Something about what?
Emily-Something about Jesus.
Me- What about Jesus?
Emily- That he loves her.
It was so sweet!

Dallin's school put on the play Peter Pan and it was very cute.

Bryce is finally feeling better and it is so nice to see him smiling and giggling!

Dallin will read to Emily now and I love it!

That's all. Nothing huge, and that's how I like it!

We are heading to the beach this weekend and I can't wait!


Brittany said...

Kelly your kiddos are getting so big! Emily sounds like she's a total crack up and constantly has you on your toes. How old is Bryce? He's so handsome. I think it's adorable that Dallin reads to Emily... very cute! Have fun at the beach... I wish I was going... I love Oregon in the summer!

tifferbob said...

Have fun at the beach!

Chelle said...

You are so lucky to be able to do beach trips. Enjoy that! We used to love to go to Silver Falls, too. Do you guys go there? Such a cool little hike and the kids loved it.