Monday, May 12, 2008

I will laugh about this later...

....the last of my Tulips. Emily was nice enough to pick this one whole and put it in the vase. (It really is that long. :-))

As for the other ones...

...they are gone! As I was working hard trying to get the house clean and organized (and doing Monday laundry), Emily was picking flowers. I looked out the window while I was doing dishes and my usual view of the tulips (my favorite thing this time of year) was gone! This is what I was left with.

I went to find Emily and this is what I found.

I was very upset and tried to handle myself calmly, but I will admit it was not pretty. I definitely became Mean Mommy. I really do not like when Mean Mommy rears her ugly head. The rest of the day did not go much better, I am sad to say. Emily refused to eat dinner and peed on our newly reupholstered dining room chair. (Lucky for her, not too much pee!)

She ended up going to bed early and eventually I did go in and talk to her about her day- just me- no Mean Mommy. I am just at a loss of what to do with her sometimes. She can be the sweetest little girl in the world, but if she doesn't want to do something- there seems to be nothing I can do to change her mind.

Today, I am remembering all the things I love about her. Most importantly, how grateful I am for her. We had a scare a few months ago where she went into shock for about 20 minutes and couldn't speak. I have never been so scared in all my life. The thought of never hearing her cute little voice just broke my heart. I do love her so much, and I love having conversations with her. I hope tomorrow goes better, and I hope I can have the patience I need to show her the love she needs.


Carrie said...

Oh man. Emily is one strong willed girl. She is so lucky she has you for her mamma because you will lead that strength in the right direction and help her become an amazing woman.
I love your photo of the tulips all lined up on the steps. They are beautiful and look amazing all arranged like that. Too bad it had to be taken under unhappy circumstances.
I love Emily too. She is a blessing in many peoples lives.

Jennifer Lomenick said...

That is sweet that she made your steps so "pretty". Too bad it came at the expense of your view. You will probably laugh at it one day but not for a little while. Good luck in figuring out what to do with the strong will of a child. I think that both of my girls are that way and I think I am in trouble. It is nice to talk and get ideas from your friends.

Brittany said...

Kelly I'm sorry I'm laughing right now, but I think it's hilarious that she picked all of your tulips! The picture of all of the tulips on the deck lined up is priceless! Granted if it were my backyard and my kid I would totally be mad too! But like you said you'll laugh about it later! Kelly I totally remember you being such a patient mom. Emily is so lucky to have you and I'm positive tomorrow will be better! Take Care!

ped crossing said...

I'm so sorry that you are now tulip-less. They are my favorite.

Did the melatonin help? Take care.

katie said...

It is hard to find the balance of loving the child's personality and not wanting to squash them, and teaching them how to use that personality.

I think that what she will remember is that her mom came in and talked to her. Mean Mommy visits a lot here too, however she finds a way to apologize for the reaction, but also explaining why she was so upset. Fine balance.

Darling pictures. She knows you love her. Kidhood can be just as hard as motherhood, I always have to remind myself of that too.

Suzie Petunia said...

It was really me. I couldn't help myself. They were just so pretty.

John and Rachael said...

So sorry about all those beautiful tulips!!! And, I am sorry that I laughed when I saw the picture of them on your steps. Give it a while and you will be laughing too. Kids- so frustrating sometimes, and yet you would do anything for them. Hope you have a better day today!!

tifferbob said...

I know how you feel. My son snapped off the head of my amaryllis just days before it was about to bloom. Then I found my niece digging up my tuberose bulbs.

Ang said...

I think you are right, one day you will laugh about it!

Emily is such a beautiful girl! And I'm thinking one day her stonged willed personality will be what keeps her sticking to her beliefs. It will be a blessing day. :)

In the meantime, sorry about your tulips. You're a great Mom!!