Sunday, May 08, 2011

Country Life Update

I feel like life is one big experiment right now! We have no idea what we are doing with all this property, but we sure love it! We had 9 chickens between us and the Giles, and unfortunately, we had an attack that left us with 7 piles of feathers. Dallin was the one who found them and was really upset about it. The next day we lost number 8, and the last chicken held on for a couple more weeks. We need to figure out soon what was killing off our chickens because we have 7 chicks in the garage! The kids have loved watching them grow! They are so big now! If we don't figure out a solution soon, we are just raising coyote bait! Any suggestions?

The kids will play outside for hours, which I love! The main reason I have always wanted a big backyard was so that we could play catch with our kids. That is a sweet memory I have with my own dad and it is great watching it come true with my kids! We are getting the garden ready and I have been adding color to our yard. Jeff did some new bark dust which looks really nice. Come join us anytime!

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Ranell said...

Glad you're loving it! We love having you there. The picture of Emily with the chicken is my favorite!