Sunday, September 18, 2011


I am not really sure where to start! This summer has been crazy and fast, but very enjoyable! Sarah's brother took this picture of our family on the property, and little did we know it would be the last picture we took. When we moved into our country home, I knew it was an experiment. I wanted to see what it was like to live on acreage. I fell in love with the property when my good friend Ranell lived there and spent many summer days enjoying the view from her deck and the company! When the chance came to live there, it was a no brainer for me. I credit that house and the quiet with the accomplishment of my personal trainer certification. I loved the time away from the city and time to hang out with Sarah before she moved. My kids enjoyed the property, as did I, but we noticed that we did not get many visitors! In the winter and fall, it is pretty muddy. I was eagerly waiting for the summer, when we would have people over to enjoy the beautiful deck and peacefulness of the country life. What I found was, we were gone during most of that time! Between visiting family in California and Utah and going to Girls Camp, there were not many weeks left to just enjoy the property. My garden didn't even really grow because I wasn't there to take care of it. The last straw was that we lost 6 of our 7 chickens and realized maybe we aren't meant to be chicken farmers. So, when we found out a house was a available that had a good sized yard, with a fantastic floor plan and on a dead end street that backs to acerage, we decided it would be a better fit for our family. So, we said goodbye to the country life for now. I hope the new renters will still let me come visit with them on their beautiful deck! We were grateful for the chance to meet new friends in a different ward. Meanwhile, my kids are thrilled to be able to ride their bikes in the neighborhood. School has started and we are finding our new normal.

That's it for now. I will post more pictures from the summer soon.


Suzie Petunia said...

Love the family picture! Where are the pics of your new house?

Did you read about the pictures getting lost in the mail? Will I EVER see all of the pics he took?? It's killing me. :)

Trina said...

We miss you guys! It was so fun to see Emily in the hall today! I am glad you are loving your new place!

skbkmjfamily said...

I felt like we have not talked forever. I need to chat to hear about this new place and all the other great things in your life. I love the picture of your family. I will still have to drive through to visit on the way to see my parents and get in a run.

amydear said...

So are you renting the new house and renting out your old house? I hope you are settled and enjoying your new space!

Beck said...

LOVE the family pic, so cute!! Hope you are settling in nicely, moving can be so stressful!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Sarah- Yes, I saw your post about your pictures!! I would be going crazy too, but at least you have a few of the great ones. I LOVE your header. I will put up house pics later.
Trina- We miss you too! Emily loved seeing you in the hall.
Katie- It has been too long!! I actually moved across the street from your brother and sis in law's house. I am so sad they moved before I could live by them.
Amy- We are renting out our old house, and we were able to buy this one. We were renting the property on land. We are starting to feel settled. It will take some more time.
Beck- Good to hear from you! Thanks for the comment about the pic. It is crazy how old we are getting and grown up, isn't it? :-)

the emily said...

That's a big change! I hope you're happy in your new home.