Monday, November 05, 2012

Day 5- Thankful for Coach Jeff

If you haven't noticed, sports are a big part of the Marker household. I grew up with a dad who taught all 4 girls (and eventually my little brother) to enjoy sports. Softball was the main sport but we also tried soccer, basketball, cross country and track. He would watch sports on TV and taught us to love the Angels and hate the Dodgers. :-) I was not as athletically gifted as my sisters, but I sure loved the mechanics behind the sports. I enjoyed being a scorekeeper and my coach in high school let me coach the base runners, because I understood where the runners should be. I married a man who also loves sports. His first love is soccer and he has passed this on to his boys. His work schedule doesn't always allow him to be a soccer coach because the practices are usually earlier in the evening, but when Bryce's team needed a coach, he stepped in. I loved watching him with the 5-6 year old boys. He did a fantastic job, and his main goal was for every kid to score at least one goal during the season. You could tell how much he enjoyed coaching Bryce and being able to pass that passion onto him. I love watching the games!

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