Saturday, March 23, 2013

Experiment blogging from iPod

Hi all. Since I can't sleep, I thought I would practice blogging from my iPod touch. I heard my hospital has wifi so I hope to get up pics right away!

The first 2 pics are of my last day volunteering in Bryce's kinder class. They did an Easter egg hunt with their big buddies.

The last pic is of Emily and her piano teacher. Emily asked her if she would teach her how to make a banana cream pie for my birthday. It's my fave! So sweet.

Any of you guys on Instagram?


bedelia said...

I am. I'm bedelia333 I actually post on that so you can see my newest little guy.

Trina said...

Cute cute!!! What a great piano teacher- teaching her how to cook too!!! And what a sweet daughter!!!

Emily Foley said...

Oooh, I love Banana Cream pie! What a girl!