Monday, May 13, 2013

Catching up on life

I recently printed my blog in a hard cover book that covers years 2007-2011. A big 5 year span! Let's just say I was feeling a little mommy guilt for Bryce noticing that none of our family books had his picture, (I was only caught up through 2005,) I LOVE the result and the kids have been reading through it. It reminded me that blogging is my way of recording our little history. So, I am going  to keep doing it. :-)

So, here are some of the things we have done since Caden was born!

 Dad is remembering how to play video games while holding the baby. This is his bonding!
 I have told people they are welcome to come visit, and I have loved having visitors to hold the baby and keep me company.
 My tulips bloomed! Oh, how I love seeing them. The weather has been unusually warm for this time of year.
 Jeff took a week off work to help me with the baby. But, mostly he was in charge of keeping Bryce entertained! They got to enjoy the nice weather.
 Another good friend coming to visit!
 I try to keep my mornings slow because I know the evening gets busy with the kids' sports and activities. Unfortunately, as much as I try to avoid, much of Caden's infancy will be spent in this car seat.
 Jeff hardly gets a chance to hold Caden, since he is always held by me or one of the kids. He went with me to Caden's 2 week(9 day) check up and had some great interaction. It was very sweet.
 At his 9 day appointment, Caden had gained 5 oz since he left the hospital, not even up to birth weight. I thought he was going to be a slow grower like my others.
 I was playing around with our nice camera and tried to get some good pics of Caden. I am glad I did this while he was still little.

 Sister Dahle takes her turn with the baby. She brought us a meal and kept coming for piano lessons.
 The kids love their little brother!
 Baseball season has begun. Dallin is in a higher division this year so I am a little more nervous watching him. 
 Caden in the hospital shirt his siblings have all worn. He is much meatier!
 Emily decided to play softball this year. It has been great to see her participate in the sport I grew up loving. She has found she really enjoys pitching and 3rd base.
 Bryce is almost done with kindergarten. What a fun kid he is. I am glad he is still with me half the day.
 At his performance for the parents he really shined in the dancing
 Megan, Bryce and Spencer. 
 Dallin is a great big brother!
 Our first family trip. A little crazy but we went to Great Wolf Lodge when Caden turned 1 month. This is the reward for our family finishing the Book of Mormon. The kids were tall enough to go on some slides by thermselves. Jeff went on many with them. I did a few, but was more sore than I realized I would be so I did a lot of watching and relaxing!

 It is fun with friends. Catherine kept trying to wake Caden up so she could hold him.
 Emily was in heaven because she could go on every slide. She needed an adult for the biggest one so she asked everyone!
 Our good friends, the Christensens. 
 This is how Caden was most of the time. The warm, humid air kept him sleeping!
 DAllin had a good time with his buddies. I couldnt even find him most of the time!
 Bryce actually loved the little kid section the most, even though he was excited to be tall enough for most of the slides!
 This will be a fun tradition! So glad we braved it!
 Dallin's science fair project is to figure out which of his pitches is the fastest. We borrowed a radar gun and took some stays. He still has to tally the results!
 Emily is in heaven with her baby brother! She is amazing with him.
 Bryce in the music program. He was definitely the most animated kindergartner,
 Emily in the music program. She is a natural on stage. They did the bunny hop and she ended the song right in front of us!

 I love this girl!

I am realizing that many of my pictures are from my Ipod so I dont have them here. I will add more pictures of Caden. He started out slow, but now he is huge! I will write about Mother's Day Weekend next.

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