Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another 2 months have flown by

So much for keeping up with the blogging. :-) A lot has happened since I last blogged, as you can imagine with a baby. Part of my problem is Instagram! I post many, many pictures there and then I feel like I have blogged, but I haven't. So, here is the last 2 months in a long, picture filled post!

 Bryce graduated from kindergarten! He was given the Super Reader Award. We loved his teacher, Mrs. Sharp and feel lucky that all 3 kids started their schooling with her. It has been a huge blessing.
 We have been able to go swimming at a friend's pool. I would swim every day if I could. :-)
 Last day of school for these 2 also. They are great with Caden.
 Emily loved her teacher, Mrs. Beecher this year. I am glad to see the kids happy with school.
 Bryce and Spencer- good buddies, even with the height difference. :-)
 We put our first house on the market and had an offer within 24 hours. Listed and closed within 3 weeks. This was bittersweet to say goodbye, but so glad it happened quickly. There were some hiccups along the way, but overall a very smooth process.
 May, June and July saw a lot of baseball! It was great to see Dallin's team grow together. I still enjoy watching Dallin play, even if I am nervous watching him pitch.
 Caden had many surrogate moms to help keep him happy during the baseball games.
 We have been on some local adventures this summer. This is the Portland Rose test garden. It was beautiful. I hadn't been there since Dallin was a baby.
 Emily is rarely seen without Caden on her hip. :-) She is a good little mommy's helper. She even takes him in the morning so Jeff can sleep a little more while I run.
 Emily was in a Missoula play again this year. She made a very cute Hula Chameleon. :-)
 The kids went to a day camp for the first time this year. I had heard wonderful things about it. We visited the camp on family day, and I was surprised that the favorite part for all 3 of them was the animals.
 There is a beautiful lake for canoeing, swimming, kayaking and just enjoying. 7 hours outside was good for them, although I think it was a little tough on Bryce who had only had half day kindergarten. :-)
 Emily on the big swing. I was hoping for a ride on this swing, but they only had time for the kids. :-)
 Bryce on the big swing. He has no fear, I tell you!
 Dallin, Connie, Jared and Camryn all ended up in the same group, and even had 3 more friends in their group. They had a blast!
 I was sad to see Emily's softball season end. She really started getting the hang of it and had some really great hits. Her only habit to break was that she would throw the bat.
 Crystal was here for Mother's Day weekend and we loved it! She spent a lot of time with the kids. We went to Horning's Hideout and I also made her run a race with me. Those pictures are on Instagram, so I will try to add them.
 Caden is growing big quickly. I am trying to learn more techniques with the camera so I can take better pics of him. It is going by way too fast. I know that is cliche but it is true.
 Emily and I took part in a Heart Walk for the American Heart Association, in honor of a little girl, Zoe, who passed away when she was 4 months old. Emily always felt close to this sweet baby and wanted to do something in her honor. She raised $100 for the cause and did the walk with me. It was a proud mom moment. I love that little girl!
 We visited the Portland Aquarium and the favorite part was the pool where they could touch sharks and stingrays. Pretty amazing.
 Wendy and I are next door neighbors and our boys are 3 months apart. I am so excited to have a little buddy for Caden to grow up with!
Caden is learning to bat at toys. He smiles and giggles and loves to make us laugh. He has been a joy to have around the home and I am so glad he is in our family.

4th of July will be our next post!


Emily Foley said...

You've been busy! Caden is SO CUTE.

Emily said...

Always fun to catch up with you, I'm dying to know where that camp was, it looks so fun!

amydear said...

Glad the house sold easily. Enjoy the rest of summer!