Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So who is Marathon Mommy?

So, thanks to Suzie, people have actually visited my blog now, so I thought I should show that there is more to me than running. (Thank goodness, since I am not great at the running, I just love it!) I will tell a little about me. I met my cute husband at BYU and we have been married for 7 1/2 years. We have an awesome little boy who is 4 years old and a crazy, sweet 18 month old little girl who keep us busy. I am still trying to figure out the whole security of blogging situation, so I am not sure how much to tell. I actually do try to update a family web site, but I am not sure if I am ready for my blogging world and the real world to collide just yet!

So, that is all for now! I want to keep my public begging for more information. (All 3 of you! But I do appreciate you.) Now, if any of you are truly reading this, please comment. I NEED the validation. (Thanks for your comment, by the way, Emma Jo) I am still new to this whole blogging thing.


LeMasters said...

So I guess I should have read more of your blog before posting on April 3rd entry to know that this is not your first marathon. You will love the Ogden marathon, though. I hope you'll write a long post afterwards and tell everything.

Suzie Petunia said...

You want more details? I've got a few stories about seemommy. Here's a good detail: she and her hubby love to play Settlers of Catan, but beware - they will beat you every single time! Seemommy is a smarty.