Friday, April 21, 2006

Trying to get motivated for Ogden

Okay, so it is taper time for the Ogden Marathon on May 6th, and my mind is playing games with me. To combat it, I am trying to think of all the progress I have made since my running disaster at the Newport Marathon last year. Here goes:

My racing times over the last year:

10k- 57:13 in March 2005 to 49:15 in September 2005
1/2 Marathon- 2:38 (very hilly trail course in the mud, very difficult for me) in March 2005 to 1:58 in November 2005
5k- The last 5k I ran was in May 2002 and it was 27:10 and in August 2005, my goal was to average 8 minute miles and I ran a 24:15 (7:47)!
Hood to Coast- I ran Leg 1 in 2003 and in 2005. In 2003 I ran it in 48 minutes (8 minute miles and the fastest I had ever run a mile in my life. It is straight down a mountain road, so gravity helps!) In 2005, I ran Leg 1 in 44:10- again the fastest I had ever run a mile in my life!)

I feel like in some ways I am fighting the fact that I am not a "natural" runner. I have loved getting faster and I am curious to see what I am capable of.

For all of the disappointment that Newport Marathon was, I am very proud that I stuck to the training. I had my darling little girl in October 2004 and started running consistently again in January 2005, working up to the Hal Higdon Beginner Marathon Program. In 18 weeks I only missed one day on the schedule. I am not usually so dedicated to anything, so I was very proud of my training. I averaged 30 miles a week, with a peak at 40. I didn't run any speedwork. (And I was still crazy enough to start my first marathon at 8:50 a mile when my training runs were at 10-ugh! What was I thinking?!) After the marathon, I kept up my training averaging between 25-30 miles a week. In January 2005 I picked up to 5-6 days of training and 30-40 miles a week, now peaking at 50 miles. I know I am a stronger runner physically and mentally. I just have to remember that on May 6th. At least I will have Suzie there to remind me.


arbit said...

all the best with the ogden marathon....

marathonmommy said...

Hi Arbit. Thanks for the good luck. I will need it, but I am so excited. I love that I can get a comment from someone in India! :-)