Thursday, April 10, 2008

Can I live at the mall?

Those of you who know me well know that this is not a question I would normally ask. I am not a big shopper and I only go a couple of times a year. But...
to see how happy Bryce is in their play area I would go every day!

He is such a sweet boy, but he has been my toughest baby so far. He is never far from me and cries when I set him down. There are few moments where he actually just "plays." The good news is that I have had lots and lots of cuddle time with him and I have just tried to enjoy it, knowing it won't last forever.

But today, I was in heaven. I had only planned on dropping in on this play area for a few minutes after a birthday party. I ended up staying an hour and a half, and Bryce was smiling and giggling the entire time. He crawled through the tunnels and played with his brother and sister. He never climbed on my leg once. It was pure joy.

(And isn't his first haircut so cute?)
Man, I love this kid!
"...recognize that the joy of motherhood comes in moments." M. Russell Ballard, this past conference April 2008


Brittany said...

Your kids have gotten so big and they are so cute! I love that name Bryce... how old is he now? I use to love that mall playground... the one here in vegas is terrible, I think it's because the weather is so nice they assume the kids will always play outside! However sometimes it's too hot to play outside! Love the pics!

Emily said...

So many great memories of that playground-I miss it! The kiddos are darling!

Valerie said...

I'm so jealous that he has enough hair to cut!! Jordyn won't need a haircut until she as least 15 I'm sure! She takes after her Mom! Miss you much. When are you coming down again??

LCM said...

My girls have loved that playground, every time we walked past it. Poor Buttercup had to realize that she has been WAY too tall for that for a long time. I miss the See's Candy store in the mall. Did you know there's not one in the entire large state of Texas.

Rebecca said...

Hey, I recognize that playground! :) We've had a few moments there! It's nice to know you guys are close by!

2 weeks til my due date!!