Sunday, April 06, 2008

Righteous Traditions

As we have been listening to Conference, one of the talks that stood out to me was the one about righteous traditions. This is something I think about a lot, and now I am ready to act on it! I do feel we have some great traditions, but I feel that it is time for more. I love seeing and hearing about the traditions that other families have. I really feel traditions are the way to bind families together. So, I would love to hear some of your favorites and I will adopt the ones that will work for us! Here are some pictures from one of my favorite Easter traditions. When Dallin was 1 year old, we had an Easter brunch with 2 other families who each had one child. We had wonderful food, easter egg hunt, and good conversation. 5 years later the tradition is still going strong. All of us look forward to this part of Easter. I also love Easter because it is less commercial than Christmas. I feel we are really able to focus on the resurrection as the meaning of Easter. My kids love the Easter Egg hunt for the eggs with the scripture story in them.

This was not the picture I envisioned of the kiddos, but is it ever?! :-)

Here is the whole group now. My how we have grown!

Here is one of the pictures from the first brunch we had! So cute!

So, I have decided that I want my blog to take the place of my family scrapbook. So, I will be adding in dates and pictures from earlier this year, just because it is my blog and I want to! This also means that I am going to try to blog each Sunday. Hold me to this!


ped crossing said...

I give the boys an ornament on Christmas Eve that symbolizes a big thing from that year. This year sweetP got a fish because he learned to swim and caught his first fish. SweetE got a tool belt because he loves tools and would help me everytime I worked on the remodel. It is just plain fun.

Rebecca said...

Kelly, You've piqued my interest in, well, running. How do I get started? What's the best way not to kill myself. what do you eat? How often do you run? Give me the low down, tell me how you do it. Email me. I gotta know! I'm inspired!

Brittany said...

Kelly It was great to hear from you! I love your blog! It's been fun to read a bit of it and see what you guys have been up to.... I'm so sorry to hear about your dad. I'm sure that that has been a hard thing to go through. Your kids are so big and darling! What race are you running this month? I just started back up again... and just signed up for the St. George Marathon... I hope I get in. Are you running it? I really miss the early morning runs in Oregon... it's really not the same here! Hope you're doing well... talk to you soon! - Brittany

Charity said...

We have the great pumpkin come to our house on Halloween. Basically the kids get to pick a specific number of candy after trick or treating (to be determined by Dad..) We put the rest outside, and the next morning, the great pumpkin has come, taken all the candy and left books in return....

M&M said...

Hey Everyone,

Thanks for the traditions ideas! I love it. If you have any more feel free to email me.

Becca- I will have to email you. :-) Don't I remember you running the Boulder Boulder before?