Saturday, September 06, 2008

Partial Update...more to come...

So, I know you have all been on the edge of your seats, and the answer is: Yes, I was the first one in car line! So, what did I do with Bryce and Emily for the next 40 minutes while we waited for Dallin to actually get out of school? We parked the car and got out and played. We were able to watch Dallin play at recess and we found rocks and pine cones. It wasn't too bad, except Dallin was not as happy as I thought he would be because he didn't know his number. So, when they called his number he just sat there and they went onto the next car #! They finally figured out where he was, but then the magic was lost. (And we had held up car line- yep, that was me!)He was not the first one out. Darn it!

But, he had a great first day of school- cast and all.

I was going to blog about my awesome day today, but I will just tease you with some pictures. I am very tired. We spent PART of the day at this awesome event.
Thanks, Ranell, for a great day! I will write more tomorrow. (Maybe...)


melissa said...

I have to say, having done the car pick-up, some days I'm sooo thankful for the bus!!!! Boo to long car lines and waiting for kids forever. Now, since we moved, I am even luckier . . . the kids just walk home. I don't think they think it's lucky (when it's 95 degrees).

So, here's the question: Will you go back forty minutes early to win the race again? KUDOS to being such a great mom! Don't we bend over backwards to make our kids feel special sometimes?!

Kelly(M&M) said...

Melissa, Hi, Welcome to my blog. :-) I will definitely not do that everyday, I think the 2 little ones would start protesting. (They might get tired of the rocks and pine cones!) In fact, the next day, I was just there at the normal time. I will surprise him every once in a while when it works with nap time, ha ha. That is nice that your kids walk home. We are about a mile, so it is a little too far for that. But we might try the bikes sometime!

Nichole said...

Hi Kelly~

I just discovered you on Katie Fox's blog. I loved reading your blog, seeing pics of your family etc.

Well your life sounds alot like the rest of ours...busy mom!!! Poor gotta love those wild boys!

rlmquest said...

Kelly- you are an awesome mom! I made my kids ride the bus!!!!