Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No Screen Time Week

Well, I had plans to catch up the blog a little more before I went off line, but it did not happen! Instead I have spent the last 3 hours working on making a photobook and reminiscing. When I come back, I hope I have a lot to share.

We will be spending the week remembering what there is to do besides TV, computer, Wii, etc. I told my kids we are pretending to be pioneers. :-)

Wish us luck!

I will be back Sunday.

Alright, I threw in some teasers from Sleeping Beauty, the zoo and sailing. Enjoy!


Mrs JP Chaos said...

Such cute kids... :) Have fun pioneering!

Smith's said...

Fun- good luck pioneering!

James and Laura said...

It looks like you are having so much fun!!! You have such a cute family and it's so great that you get to do so much fun stuff as a family.