Sunday, July 05, 2009

We love having visitors!

When we first moved here it seemed like we had visitors much more often. Now, we don't seem to have them as much. Do our kids scare people away? ! :-) One of the things we love about Oregon is how beautiful it is! The parks are well taken care of and everything is green and lush. We love showing others our pretty state.

2 weeks ago we were lucky enough to have my sister Crystal visit with Tony, Ashlynn and Payge. We had so much fun!! Here are some of the things we did:

1. Free movies
2. Played at the local "fountains" splash park
3. Went camping with us and the Cooks.

4. Went to the pet store
5. Went Roller Skating
6. Went to the Tuesday Library time
7. Played lots of Settlers of Catan.
8. Went swimming at the YMCA twice.

9. Just hung out and had a great time!

Here are a few pictures. Enjoy!

(I am having a hard time getting more of the pictures up, so this will be it for now. Thanks for such a great week!)

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