Wednesday, January 03, 2007

31 Reasons I am lucky to be married to Jeff...

...I love these posts where I learn a lot about someone quickly. So, here is your introduction to my sweet hubby and what I love about him.

1. He is very tender hearted. He never wants to hurt others' feelings.
2. On the other hand, he is very quick witted and I wouldn't want to be at the other end of his jab. He is hillarious!
3. He is patient with my weaknesses.
4. He is an amazing father. I never really saw him with kids before he were married, and he is just phenomenal with our children.
5. He bought me a boat. :-) One of our first conversations was about water skiing, and we both knew this would be important to us. We always joked, "Boat before couch." Not quite, but it was, "Boat before new floors." Which brings me to number 6...
6. We just found out the Pergo floors go on sale in Feb. (woo hoo), so he has agreed to put in new floors before Baby #3 comes. No more carpet in the dining area. :-)
7. He is the calm to my chaos.
8. He agrees to go to social events that don't particularly interest him because he knows it makes me happy.
9. He supports any and all of my crazy goals.
10. When I didn't know if I could run a marathon, he bought me my mp3 player and told me he knew I could do it.
11. He promised my mom I would graduate from college, and I did!
12. He works hard in his profession.
13. He helps around the house.
14. He wants me to stay at home with the kids.
15. He believes in me.
16. He loves sports and playing sports with me. We have enjoyed many pro sports games together, one of his favorite things to do. Go Rams! Go Red Sox! ( I hope to take him to a Red Sox game in Boston someday.)
17. He is active in the church.
18. He goes to the temple with me.
19. He treats me with respect.
20. He trusts me with money and doesn't question my spending.
21. He takes me to visit my family often and doesn't complain about it.
22. My parents LOVE him! (I think sometimes even more than me, ha ha!)
23. His family is awesome! I can honestly say that I have never had any "in law" issues. I am extremely blessed with wonderful in laws that have always treated me like family.
24. He was willing to go to Disneyland, even though he had no interest in it, and then agreed it really was the "happiest place on earth."
25. He doesn't mind that a fancy dinner is Outback or Red Robin. :-)
26. He takes me to concerts that he isn't so much interested in- for example, Kelly Clarkson and So You Think You Can Dance? He lets me still be a 15 year old girl!
27. He supports me in my Young Women's calling in church, which takes a lot of time sometimes.
28. He bought me my Garmin!
29. He has beautiful eyes, the softest skin, the best pockets (ask his high school), great soccer legs, awesome smile. (I had to throw these all into one so I could say more about him.)
30. He makes me happier than I could ever imagine.
31. He loves me for me.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart. I truly am blessed. For everyone else, I am sure this was too sappy, but it was fun!

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Sarah M said...

What a wonderful guy and idea you have there! I am going to steal it my hubby's 30th in April. Now I just have to come up with 30 things!