Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Weekend Getaway (aka How I traumatized my two year old)

Due to some crazy babysitting swaps, Jeff and I were able to get away for 2 nights in a beach condo for free! I was so excited and so ready for it. We figured this is probably our last chance while I don't feel too huge! Anyway, we had a wonderful time. We didn't have anything planned, which is rare and wonderful for me. The condo we stayed at was in a wooded area and was beautiful. It had snowed at the beach for the first time in about 7 years. Being from CA, I couldn't quite get over the snow at the beach- it was cool! We went down to Newport, and stopped to see a lighthouse and some tide pools. We weren't on a time schedule and just enjoyed being together. Here are some pics of us.

Now, here is the flip side. One of the reasons I haven't posted is because I haven't had a good night's sleep since the trip. Emily had just gotten rid of the binky and decided she wanted to sleep in her big girl bed all at the same night. Now, she just crawls out of bed screaming at all hours of the night. Ugh!! It has been awful. Please give me any suggestions. Last night, she didn't actually fall asleep until 11pm and then woke up screaming at 6am, waking up Dallin too. I was so mad I put her in her crib and she cried herself back to sleep. A cute story for her, Jeff and I took the kids swimming at the YMCA. There is a slide there that the kids have always loved. Dallin goes down it by himself now, which is great. Unfortunately, it means Emily wants to go by herself too. Well, Jeff let her try and somehow she came down on her hands and knees, and then did a front flip under the water before he could grab her. The next time I took her on the slide I asked if she wanted to go by herself and she said, "No, go with Mommy!" She is so funny!

On a good note, there was a crazy snow day here and we had a blast. Emily jumped on the sled with whoever was going down. It was really cute. The two pregnant moms built a snowman, pretty funny and we just enjoyed being outside.

I am also trying to learn digital scrapbooking. If you have any tips or suggestions, I am all ears. I will try to update more often this week.


Suzie Petunia said...

Great pictures from the coast! I would love a getaway like that sometime.

Sorry about your non-sleeping emily troubles! That really stinks. I'd just keep her in the crib. I keep my kids in cribs until they can get out themselves. That way we all get as much sleep as possible. She's so cute that she wants to be so big like her brother.

Sarah said...

Wow...sound like your life has been a little crazy! I hope things get back to normal soon. I have absolutly no useful suggestions on how to get your little one to sleep in her big girl bed. I have a friend in my ward who uses those net things to keep her kids from crawling out of their cribs and toddler beds until they get used to sleeping with freedom.

As for the scrapbooking thing. I am a traditional gal. I do want to learn how to add text on my pictures and accents on my pages. Other than that, I like the look and feel of real paper and embelishments. I know that digital scrapbooking word we faster, but, what can I say?

cherl said...

Awesome snowman!!

Laurie said...

I wish I had good suggestions for you... neither of my boys have taken binkies. That would be maddening to deal with all night! I'll be thinking of you!

The only digital scrapbooking I do is Shutterfly :-) but I love it. SO much easier and faster than what I used to attempt.

Your trip looks so neat.

lys said...

I really like your photo of the lighthouse. I'm from the East Coast (and dying to get back there) and it makes me homesick!