Wednesday, January 10, 2007

"I am Superman!"

Since I am trying to use this blog to document my children, I thought it was time to write some things down about my Emily.

She is the answer to many, many prayers. I was always pretty sure that it wouldn't be easy for me to have children, but I still wasn't prepared for the emotional roller coaster it would be. Dallin only took a few months of medication. With Emily, when that same medication didn't work, I was really nervous that Dallin might be it for us. Obviously, he wasn't, and we were blessed with our little girl.

She has been a lot of fun, but has definitely kept us on our toes. She is the exact opposite of Dallin in almost every way. He is very meticulous, she loves a mess. He is kind of quiet and shy, and Emily loves to be the center of attention.

This first picture is of Emily in Dallin's superman shirt. She just came downstairs one day with it on and yelled, "I am superman!" It was adorable.

She didn't like to sit down and read books with me like Dallin did, until she was about 18 months. Now all day, I hear, "Read the book, please."

She loves all of the princesses. She knows them each by sight, and I can't wait to take her to Disneyland in March and watch her face light up when she meets them.

She can hold her own. She doesn't let anyone take anything from her without a fight.

She is a lot more girly than me. She loves purses and shoes and started putting her shoes on when she was 18 months. She also loves babies and dolls and is upset if she ever sees a baby without a binky or blanket. She doesn't like to sit still to have her hair done. We are working on this.

She is very sweet and loves to give kisses.

She can sing her ABCs and loves to learn new words. She is very proud of herself when she learns something new. It is hard to understand her sometimes, but she knows what she is trying to say. She loves to sing and sing loud.

She has freakishly amazing fine motor skills. (Which doesn't help me at all because it allows her to open child-proof bottles, and get into things she shouldn't.) She could open and close a zip lock baggie at a year old, and yesterday she peeled her orange all by herself. Crazy girl!

She loves the water like her mom and brother. (Jeff likes the water, but mostly just when he is water skiing!) At Dallin's swim lessons, Emily started stripping her clothes off to jump in the water. She started crying when she didn't get to go in. Don't worry, I signed her up for swim lessons today!

She is definitely like me, and I hope I can be patient with her. :-) (As I was writing this, she brought her cup into the living room and spilled strawberry milk all over the floor...typical day at my house).
I love her so much and think she is so much fun! She is not afraid to try new things. I think she will be an awesome big sister. I am grateful for Emily.


Suzie Petunia said...

I love Emy! She is such a darling little girl with great personality and curiosity. She's so lucky to have you for her mom!

Dana said...

You have wonderful children ... they are both wonderful in their own way. I have never met them, but I can imagine from what I see and read about them ;-) And only through reading what you write, I can tell that you are a wonderful Mom!!! Baby Number 3 will be very lucky to join the family!

katie said...

She sounds so fun. She sounds like the perfect older sister to a little brother. She sounds a lot like my little Maryn, they make it challenging but so fun at the same time.

Sarah said...

What a fun little girl. I am sure she'll love being the only girl!